Sunday, December 15, 2013

Course Note #210- Love on Purpose

Gift for December 15, 2013 – Enjoy!

Practice Love on Purpose!

This is from “Love Poems from God” by Daniel Ladinsky, translating ~St John of the Cross ~

                    “ You might quiet the whole world for a second
                                          if you pray.

                      And if you love, if you
                                      really love,

                                   our guns will wilt.”

The primary block to love is fear.  Our conflicts stem from an unconscious fear of love.  Ego = Fear = Separation.  When God's Spirit is invited into our relationships, they can be used to reveal our fears and return us home to love.  Holy Spirit = Love = Union.   
Feelings of negativity toward anyone, from the clerk in a store to your mate are opportunities to ask for help and healing:
‘Holy Spirit, please help me see this person or situation through your eyes of love rather than mine of judgment and fear.’
 Your responsibility is to ask for help.  Your Spirit takes it from there.  Only the loving tutelage of the Inner Teacher can heal you, with God's Spirit as your teacher, all relationships become a classroom where you can learn the lessons of love.  I will be sharing those lessons this month. ;)

.  When you practice love on purpose, you come to the profound realization that you and God, God and your neighbor, are not two, but one.  There is no separation in love.  When you separate from other people, you separate from God's love.  You cannot love alone.  You cannot heal alone.  Love heals you, but it is a collaborative venture.
If you feel that you have not been given enough love, decide today to be a giver of love.  It sounds simple to decide to be a loving person, but of course, we know that it is not.  You don't have to love everyone today.  Instead, each day, decide to love one more human being.  Hold a door open for someone; smile at another, a thank you to someone else… Love need not be complicated.
            The ultimate goal of humanity is to love one another.  Your consistent willingness to choose love is the pinnacle of spiritual maturity.  It's the mountaintop.  It's what you are here to learn.  You won't learn how to love overnight.  You're not supposed to.  Learning to love is the task of a lifetime. 
God is not looking for perfect people to do his work.  If so, let's face it, he'd have a very small work force.  God needs every one of us.  The love of God can only be extended on this earth through people who become willing to extend it.  Take this idea seriously and you will come to know that love truly is – power. 
             And so, as you go about your life, recognize that the time to love is now.  If not you, who?  If not now, when?  Each day, become willing to ask and heed the question, "How can I love today?"  Thus, love begins to permeate and embrace your life. 

*******Practice love on purpose as if your life depended on it.  It does. *********
Much love to You and yours this holiday season!

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