Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Course Note # 209: The LIght that YOU ARE

Happy Holidays Friends!  Gift for December 11, 2013

            I was prompted to pull out my 7 steps Journal and read whatever guidance I had received this time last year…. Very interesting.

On 12/5/12: While identified with the ego-imposter self, a show is created just for me; one that is written and directed by my thoughts, beliefs and cravings.  What I think, believe and desire – I see.
            Is this what I want?
                        What do I really want?

On 12/10/12:  I can see how certain challenges in my life are perfect to really learn that I am not this body. Holy Spirit, I am willing to learn right-perception of the body.  WOW!   This really holds one year later after the brain tumor diagnosis!  

Lost in the dense forest of the mind, the sun of the Self cannot be seen, thus, bliss is unknown.

With our thoughts, we hold the imposter self in place as we are mostly *thinking* about ourselves as separate from All That Is --  as a vulnerable body in a scary world. The picture that accompanies this post speaks to me so poignantly of the problem we have.   I came across it on the very day that I read a poem by one of my very favorite poets, Hafiz: “My Brilliant Image”:

“I wash I could show you When you are lonely or in darkness the Astonishing Light of your own Being.”

Today may you give a gift to yourself:  Remind yourself frequently as you get caught up on body issues,, bills, holidays, etc. that you can shift your attention from all that, and for a moment place your attention on your Heart – notice the stillness…. This I the Light that you are!   Focus on the Light Baby.

Prompted to another favorite:   Don’t be interested in the words that the mind is serving up for you.  It is putting them there to tempt you into a stream of thoughts that will take you away from the Self.  You have to ignore them all and focus on the light that is shining within you.  

Hope your day is as light-filled as YOU ARE!

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