Monday, December 02, 2013

Course Note# 207: Happy birthay to ME!

This morning I read a post I had written last year on my birthday where I reflected on my “birthday lessons”.  As I did this, I was able to see more clearly what I had learned this past year. 

My birthday lesson in the Bible happens to be Hebrews 12:2 and I paraphrase:

Let me fix my eyes on Truth, and look away from all distractions.

            This mirrors what I’ve been writing about frequently of late.  I am learning to more consistently use my mind to focus on the truth of my being.  I have been bringing increased awareness to the ways that I allow myself to be distracted from knowing myself as Love created me, like when I get caught up in focusing on my body, illness or the future…

            Next I turned to my birthday lesson in NTI Hebrews 12:2:

 Follow the beacon of the Heart.  Persevere in its way, letting
go of dreams as the Heart lovingly shines its Light on them.
…Remain focused on the true desire of the Heart,
and listen to it in all things.

Uncanny that this morning as I read this passage in NTI I also read this a few versus later:  “Remember that each circumstance is a gift given by you for your own healing, and you accept each gift graciously within the gratitude with which it was given.”
Wow, I’ve been giving myself some really great birthday gifts of late! LOL

And now I come to my birthday lesson in A Course in Miracles, 336:

Forgiveness lets me know that minds are joined.
The lilies of forgiveness shine into the mind,
and call it to return and look within,
to find what it has vainly sought without.

Yes, I have vainly sought for happiness in the things of this world. I am so thankful to have learned to look for it where it is – within.  With the vision of Love, which is forgiveness, I recognize my union with all living things.  

I cannot forget the calendar I’ve had on my desk for twenty-five years, reminding me every December 2nd to:
Do all things with Love.

Recently, when I asked myself, what do I really want? The first answer that came to me was, I want to do all things with Love.

As I rest with my birthday lessons, I find it interesting and amazing how perfectly they mirror my inner work this past year.  I felt to share them with you because no matter what day of the year it is, I recognize them as gifts given to myself and you, reminding us of the way to really Live. 

Perhaps this year I will keep these gifts to myself in the forefront of my mind, which should make for some amazing reflections on December 2, 2014.  The docs say I might not be here by then, but I am ready to make some  changes and I am excited to Experience my life one year from today and see what’s new.

Admittedly, with all that is and has been going on, especially the physical changes, I have been feeling a loss of some of my vitality!!!   Feeling sort of melancholy at times…

          The time I spend in centering prayer and such helps a lot~!  Holy Spirit pointed out to me last week that I have been ‘thinking’ too much, I wrote about that in the Thanksgiving post, but this week HS pointed out how much I say, and mostly to my husband…  I feel bad that…  I feel  guilty that….   Because now he does so much for me, the dogs, and chores around the house.

 He doesn’t mind but it was pointed out that feeling bad and guilty all the time is coming from within.   This is important because ACIM tells us that we focus on the body and outer preoccupations because, while doing that, we don’t pay attention to the false and toxic thoughts in our minds that lead to all kinds of things we don’t want.

          Anyway this week I was guided to read several sections in “The Holy Spirit’s Interpretation of the New Testament”  AKA NTI, and each spoke of rest and surrender.  Through Nti 2 John I am being asked to make a deeper commitment to listen ONLY to the Voice of  Love:  And that is Surrender.

“The time has come to listen only to your Holy Spirit. This is what I mean when I
ask you to listen to Me. This is what I mean when I ask you to walk in love.

Listen only to your own Holy Spirit and you look on the world through only the eyes of Love.

To listen only to the Holy Spirit is a decision that you make. It is a
commitment to yourself to no longer listen to or be distracted by the false. It is a promise   truth in every moment and to let every thought that is not of truth go. It is
a commitment to walk in a straight line through the power of your own choice.

This is all I have to say to you now:

****I ask you to take this commitment deep into your heart as a promise to yourself.****

When other voices arise that do not speak of this commitment, dismiss them in peace,
simply because they do not speak of that which you truly want. Remain fully focused on
one goal now. Let nothing distract you from this goal. Have eyes only for truth and ears only for Me. Listen in quiet. I am within you always. I am the Voice that knows who
you are, because I am your true Voice. Amen.”

I AM READY and WILLING to commit Being the  Love that I Am. Then I asked how to practice this and was led to NTI 2 Thessalonians:

Therefore, manage your thoughts in this way:

3As a thought comes up in your attempts to rest, look at it gently with
no attachment to what it says. 4Ask only this question, “Have you come to
me from the Heart?”

5You will feel the answer immediately. 6Do not doubt what you feel.
7It is the Heart that answers this question in judgment.
8When the answer is no, ask the thought to pass by in peace. 9Feel no
resistance to that which you’ve asked to fade away.

10When the Heart answers yes, relax into listening. 11Relax fully, as
you need not question this thought anymore. 12Let your questioning turn to
trust. 13Let listening be the practice of the quiet mind. 14You are listening
to your true Voice, and it is teaching you who you truly are.

(v 16)1Peace is always within you, as I am in you and I am you. 2Rest within the
gentle knowledge of this as you follow the restful work of ridding yourself of the false.
3What you see cannot disturb your peace, because your peace cannot be disturbed. 4So
look within, remembering what it is that you do. 5You have my blessings, as I am joined
with you.


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