Saturday, October 19, 2013

Course Note #204: Surrender to Now!

Hello friends,
Crazy how we humans can be sometimes…I’ve actually been feeling guilty (well for a lack of a better word) for being retired now and being able to do whatever want, because of a brain tumor, which that alone keeps me from doing whatever I want – LOL – I just don’t have to go to work! This morning I actually found myself feeling “useless” maybe because I put myself through college and have worked all my life. My husband said, you do have a job right now – healing yourself.

Yesterday I was in bed till almost 9 a.m. and today until after 11 a.m with books all around me, wondering what I should “do”??? Even though I was feeling like crap because I am on extra chemo this week, still felt guilty for being tired and lazy! LOLOL

My Inner Teacher/Holy Spirit actually said something similar to what Bill said: “Your job right now is not to “do” anything but to simply be and go with the flow. S U R R E N D E R TO NOW~

Then HS reminded me of this guidance I received 5/9/12 through my 7steps journal which is so helpful now, and if you are attracted to reading this, it my be just what you are needing to hear too. 

I can make plans and have ideas about the future, and about what I want to know, do or achieve, but all of it is conceived through the mind that is limited; the mind that plans based on past learning. The Real Self is unlimited, and when I rest there, everything beyond this moment is a glorious open book!
Let go of all notions about the future. Consistently shift focus to the real-unlimited Reality that You are.

HA HA, while looking for another old post on FB, I came across the one below posted on 12/7/11… And here I am, essentially retired and being able to hang out at home and feeling bad about it! Geez Louise! How sick is that???! LOL

12/7/11: Sometimes I wish I could hang out at home all day! I have a couple of food blogs I want to write, a few spiritual blogs, and I'm into entering 16 years worth of books read on my new favorite site: Goodreads! … So many fun things to do and so little time! to the shower and work! Have a great day all! I am grateful that I have a job I like! Ha!
And now, friends, I still have a job I like: Healing and Being and learning how to Surrender….truly! Whoever would have guessed it would be ushered in by a brain tumor! LOL! Okay, dear ones…. My purpose is Know thy Self, and I have been deep into the practices of Self-Abidance of late…. Now it’s time for: S U R R E N D E R! Join me 

The pic says it all: Freedom really does come from Surrender~!

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Course Note #203: New Opportunites

We so rarely think of life-changing events as opportunities for new growth and joy. Wow – but this *is* interesting! Several weeks ago a friend who has been dealing with cancer last year gave me some "soul expression" cards and I just picked one out the box and read this:

"Cancer is a health opportunity to Heal...
My body and My relationships.

Te Be...
Quiet, Loving, Loved

To have time for...
Friends, Reading, Meditation
And to Just Be...
An Opportunity to Enjoy
My Life.

As you know if you've been visiting here on my Facebook homepage or elsewhere, this is exactly what it has turned out to be!!!! Not to mention a profound lesson in Acceptance of what is and the now. Don't get me wrong, it's NOT that are not also tremendous challenges to dealing with these things... but we are working through them. Much love to you all. And As I have said before and I'll say again... I so value and appreciate All my Facebook friends and family, who I also consider my SOUL family.

What I tremendous place of support and LOVE FB can be, eh?

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Course Note #202 - Enter the Silence

I really enjoyed reading this book by Robert Sardello: “Silence: The Mystery of Wholeness”.
So much that I have discovered in my own forays into Silence is contained in the book.  A practice that came up over and over for my in my 7 steps journal is that of shifting attention from thought to Heart, and once there I would notice the Silence.  In the silence I am more able to see the true from the false. 

  In the last few years I have learned how to enter the Silence, and I have learned how to silence  "my" thoughts and these practices have made a major difference in my life.

I want to say that “silence” is NOT about just not talking!  That is what ego would relegate it to – to avoid seeing that just because you may not be talking, it’s NOT like your mind isn’t chattering away.

Kabir says ~ Be silent in your mind, silent in your senses,
                 and also silent in your body.
Then, when all these are silent, don’t do anything.
              In that state truth will reveal itself to you.
                It will appear in front of you and ask,
“What do you want?”
We need to do nothing other than be present to the silence in the moment… and how sweet it is.

My practice of late to enter the silence is: “I rest in God.”   Yesterday I had to get an MRI on my head, and I don’t know if you’ve had one but it is really LOUD and sounds like there is a jack hammer to your head.  Well for 30 minutes of that I rested in God-Love-Truth and not only did I feel good and rested when I walked out of there (I had felt shaky and weird when I went in) I just felt so peaceful.  How sweet that Silence is wherever I AM.
Self is found in Silence.  Go there – often.

Practice entering the silence.
Practice moving from the silence.
Practice speaking from the silence…
and know your Self.
I am that I am. I am as God.
Be Still….and Know….that I Am God.