Thursday, August 22, 2013

Course Note #197: Empty of ME


In my spiritual work I rely on my Inner Teacher to guide me to what’s up for me now.  Several  months ago I was guided  into practices to more deeply facilitate that of Know thy Self.  It’s been and continues to be an interesting ride!

One of the practices is that of self-surrender.  It seems everywhere I turn lately I see the word “emptiness”.  I’ve read some posts on  FB that find it negative, but it is to the ego because in our full emptiness we are empty of ego. 
Consider these synonyms for the word though: Available, clear, free, open, complete, supplied, filled…. Ah….

This is fun….in lieu of my FB posts yesterday on transforming into the Buddha (hahahahaha!) I was prompted to the book “Siddhartha” yesterday and this was the first thing I read:

“Siddhartha had a single goal before him, one and one only: to become empty, empty of thirst, empty of desire, empty of dreams, empty of joy and pain.  To die away from himself, no longer to be “I”, to find the peace of the emptied heart, by thinking away from the self to stand open to the miraculous; this was his goal.”

I love this: thinking away from the self…primary practice!  So you can see that I am being led  truly, even by my hair stylist turning into a Buddha! Lol

This by Thomas Keatiing: Empty out the False self.

“When we work to surrender  our false desires,world view…we  are emptying ourselves of the false  self so that our true self, which is  the Christ Life in us, may express  itself through our human faculties.    What is the “self”?  It is our thoughts, feelings, self-image, and world  view.”

IT sounds harsh, like we  are giving something up of real value, and ultimately what we discover is that what we are holding onto is the cause of our suffering! Jesus taught it too in Mathew 16:24
“If anyone desires to follow me, let  him deny himself and lose sight  of, and forget himself and his own interests…”
We don’t like this because it feels like OUCH!

However, out of necessity to practice my spiritual work these  days I am discoverving on a deeper level than ever before that great  peace, release  and  joy come through leaving thoughts about “me” behind. I talk about these practices in the recent brain chronical talk..   Really, no matter what you are going through, devotion to freedom from  self will set you free!

Of Course NTI First Corinthians is a teaching on becoming and “empty shell” which mirrors this:

NTI   1 Corinthians, Chapter 3
(v 1 – 4)1Remember that the ego is still in your mind, and be aware of it. 2In that way,
you may remember to set that self aside and open up to the true Self.
3Practice will seem necessary before you are ready to set your self aside and not pick
it back up again. 4Do not worry. 5I will give you your opportunities to practice as you are
willing. 6So be willing to set yourself aside. 7As much as you are willing, I will give you
circumstances for practice.
(v 5 – 9)1Walk with Me in your desire to practice, and I shall walk with you.
2According to your willingness, you shall be given opportunities to practice, as
everything that is done is done for you and by your willingness. 3Your willingness to
practice will match with your brother’s willingness to learn, so he may be brought to you,
and you will be given your opportunity to practice. 4In this way, everyone is given by Me
according to his willingness, and the Light that reaches into the mind is received through
the mind’s own willingness to receive it.
(v 10 – 15)1Your willingness is also the measure of your joy, for in willingness you
serve your true desire. 2In resistance, you deny it. 3To lay your self aside is to give
willingness to let go of false illusion. 4To cling to your self, and your thoughts, and your
fears, is to cling to illusion and to hold onto what you do not want.
5Release yourself to your joy. 6Give to your Self by laying your self aside. 7In this

NTI Matthew, Chapter 15

(v 29 - 39)1Know that I am with you in all that you do. 2Make Me the only purpose for
all you do, and you shall know Me in your life. 3For I never turn away from you. 4It is
you who have turned from Me. 5I but rest with you in peace and confidence awaiting
your invitation, that I may feed you with my miracles until you are full, complete and

I am Willing ~

to listen to a talk on this or other subjects, click here:

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Course Note #192 - The Sounds of Silence

Rumi says….”Your old life was a frantic running from silence.
              We see this don’t we?  All the ways we avoid the silence in the heart and mind?
 Silence has been a key practice and interest for quite awhile now, and literally saving my life right now:   This morning what came through in meditation:  Silence is God's language.  It is the language of Love, Presence, Being, Creativity and Self.

Self is found in Silence.  Go there – often.
SV:      A.  I cannot know my Self from books.  I can only know my Self in the silence.  Silence is the antithesis of thinking.  The purpose of this year is to learn to rest in, and act from, Silence.  I am prompted to remember something from A Course in Miracles: I need do nothing:
            T-18.VII.8.      This quiet center, in which you do nothing, will remain with you, giving you rest in the midst of every busy doing on which you are sent.

Practice entering the silence.
Practice moving from the silence.
Practice speaking from the silence…
and know your Self.
I am that I am. I am as God.
Be Still….and Know….that I Am God.

7steps:  Some there are who endlessly jump and, sweating, shout full-throated refuting or elaborating doctrines instead of biding in clear silence inquiring into that which is and in the heart enjoying it.

RDA:   Passion for knowing spiritual truths with the intellect is a fool’s game. Quiet passion for knowing silent Self is humble wisdom.  I must turn inward, introverted, clothed with the silence of Self and abide there humbly, peacefully, unnoticed.

SV:      A.  There was a time when I enjoyed spiritual discussion and debate, but now I see that it is no longer helpful to me, especially to the purpose of this year.  I yearn to move more deeply into silence, both inner and outer.
            B.  Practice letting go of the words that get in the way.  I Love what RDA says: I must turn inward, clothed with the silence of Self and abide there humbly, peacefully, unnoticed.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Course note #196: BE STill....and Know...

 Hi Friends,
“Silence is my watchword and practice these days.  Silence in the mind that is, I’m sure my hubby thinks I am talking too much! HA!

In December, 2011, my dear friend and mentor Regina Dawn Akers came back from a trip to India talking about entering a year of silence.  Since then… I have learned much --- Thank You my Friend!

Here is a blog I wrote 1/2013 on that period, that some may find helpful.  But before I share that, this morning I was prompted to  Robert Adams book (which I bought several years ago but have not yet read…) called Silence of the Heart.

In the silence is where all the power is.
In the Silence is where all the answers are.
~Robert Adams

This struck me because especially while practicing ‘centering prayer’ over the last several months, I have come into a new-found peace and sweetness never known before.  In addition, a new mantra rose up from within today:

Be Still….and KNoW…. I AM  as God.

              Over the last couple years I have been using the tools of mantra and surrender, as they are taught in The Teachings of the Inner Ramana, to quiet the active thinking mind.  In Course Note #132 I wrote about moving into a year of letting go of that which no longer serves me.  A deep inner shift is occurring, one that is leading to greater ease in practicing the tools that usher in silence.

A couple weeks ago I received a gift from a friend, a biography on Ramana Maharshi entitled, Timeless in Time.  That evening I sat down and read the introduction, and as I came upon this sentence, “I can feel strongly his boundless grace at work…” suddenly, I was embraced by the sweetest silence I had ever known.  I rested there for what seemed to be about ten minutes or so and then I felt it lift.  I later realized that in those moments, I had rested in Ramana’s Presence – the silence of the Self.

Regina Dawn Akers visited India in December, and on her flight home she received guidance to lead a year of silence in 2012.  As soon as I heard her talk about this, I too, heard the inner call.  Many of our friends have as well.  And as you read this, you may hear the call too.
Many have wondered what “a year of silence” is to look like.  Can I talk?  How can I remain silent for a year?!  Well surely, it will be different for each one of us.  As you begin to rest in the silence, you will be guided.  Regina spoke of being “actively silent”, and as I heard her say that, a teaching from A Course in Miracles on “I need do nothing" came to mind.

“This quiet center, in which you do nothing, will remain with you, giving you rest in the midst of every busy doing on which you are sent.”

I immediately felt the guidance that in this year of silence, I am to rest in the silence more frequently and to let my “busy doing” extend from there.  I find that the mantra practice is a doorway into stillness and silence that I have not heretofore experienced; and that it can be used for this purpose while teaching, listening, talking, driving – basically, anytime and anywhere.

I can readily experience the difference between the “doing” that extends from silence, versus that of being so busy doing things in the world that I have no time to rest in silence.

I am sure that it is not a coincidence that on 12/2/11 I entered into a year of letting go and relinquishment, and have also heard the call to rest more deeply in the silence of the true Self as I journey through the year.  
            As I enter this year of relinquishment and increased silence, I am prompted to a "Single Quiet Thought" that combines the two.  How Cool Is That?


Slow down between the thoughts.
Let go of definitions.
Let go of conclusions.
Let go of reliance on words.

Do not feel that silence is empty.
Silence is not empty.
Silence is the birthplace of all ideas.

Let go of the old.
Make room for the new.
Let go of your way of seeing and expecting.
Make room for Mine.

~From our Holy Spirit
A couple months ago I felt strong guidance to buy a book for Regina entitled, The Seven Steps to Awakening, and it turned out to be right-on guidance because Regina feels that it will be a great guide for us all in this year of silence.  She began teaching on this book January 2.  Here's a link to the first 60-minute teaching:

 The Picture on this blog is of a recent painting done by Mooji, entitled: Yogini. It is another perfect symbol as we move into a year of silence in 2012.

Mooji tells the following story of a great Yogini (a female Yogi).

          "A great Yogini was deep in meditation. Suddenly, beautiful and melodious sounds could be heard, appearing as if from nowhere and everywhere simultaneously. It was like nothing she has ever heard. She felt: this music is truly wonderful but it cannot be what I am for I am here to hear it. The music faded away. Next appeared the most exquisite colours, like no painter could paint; nor could any flower display it for it was not of this earthly realm. 

          "She thought, 'this is, indeed, astonishingly beautiful. However, it cannot be who I am nor can it be real for it cannot appear if I were not here to perceive it.' This phenomenon, too,  she ignored. Shortly afterwards, it also vanished in the presence of her deep and unmoving silence. Shortly after this, there appeared several beings shaped as if from pure light, floating through space and smiling lovingly at her in a welcoming manner. 

          "She felt profoundly touched and filled with loving emotions but inwardly, she somehow, kept her composure. "How profound," she felt, "but this also cannot be what Is the unchanging reality, for, were I not here, who would see them?" As soon as this insight occurred, the figures vanished. Her mind entered her heart and could no more produce any effects. A deep silence prevailed as her mind merged inside her indivisible, unconquerable and essential being."

The print can be ordered here: 

"Single Quiet Thoughts: are found at: http://www.reginadawnakers.com