Sunday, June 09, 2013

Course Note #192: Come into the heart

 Do not dwell in the desert hot of the non-self, eating arid sand.  Come into the Heart, the mansion cool, shady, vast, serene and feast on the bliss of Self. ~ Ramana Maharshi

SV:  First, I Love this quote! 
Come into the Heart, and know thy Self.

Prompted to NTI Matthew, chapter 15 (v 21-39)

When you listen to the thoughts of the world within your mind…when your
purpose is different from mine…you cannot sit at My table and feast on My knowledge.
The Spirit of God is one.

When you see your error and let it go, and you come back to Me in faith asking
only for My knowledge, you have shown that your purpose is the same as Mine, and so
now you may feast.
The Canaanite woman may have been satisfied with only crumbs, but it is the full
feast that I shared with her, just as I share it with you now. Open your eyes and see.
Listen to Me.
Know that I am with you in all that you do. Make Me the only purpose for
all you do, and you shall know Me in your life.  For I never turn away from you.  It is
you who have turned from Me. I but rest with you in peace and confidence awaiting
your invitation, that I may feed you with my miracles until you are full, complete and


this post was inspired by my journal entry to the Steps to Self blog today on Step 5: Quotes 853-861   :