Sunday, May 26, 2013

Course Note #191: Reflections on Self

With the desire to attain freedom from the cause of suffering, I see what needs to be done – nothing!   
Simply rest in still-silent-Self 
                       and Know that 
                                     All is well.

            Acceptance of Self
                      Being Self

Upon Self-Knowledge all questions cease
as I live in the Answer.

Lasting pleasure is found only in that which lies beyond this world. 

Know thy Self
And Know
True and Lasting

In Self-knowledge life never ends for Life,
                                                        in all its Glory
                                                             What I Am  
                                                                     Here and Now.                                                                                                                                     
Trials and tribulation are no where to be found while abiding in, 
                                                resting in 

            Abide in Self as much as possible 
                                               and know True Freedom from 
                                                             the bondage of the imposter self.

Within Self-knowledge, true Freedom and Bliss is known.  
                    Note to self:  Identification with the false-impostor-self leads only to sorrow and suffering.

Out with the old and in with the New.   
It’s time to do a new thing!   
Only with increased desire for freedom will you walk through 
self-imposed prison doors.

I am willing to increase desire for liberation.   
Knowledge of the Freedom-Self is what I really want.

Look at what you are attached to.  Self-honesty is key to awakening to True-Freedom-Self.  If one is unwilling to look at what he/she is attached to – bondage persists.

I rest in God-Truth-Love-Wisdom
            As you rest here
               You Will Know
                       True Liberation!

1)  Focus on that which does not change: Self-abidance.
     2) Practice non-attachment which is self-surrender.
      3) Choose peace that comes through resting in silent-stillness.
    4) Be willing to Know the Freedom-Self.
    5) Shift attention from external (and this includes “my” thoughts) to internal and Know thy Self.

My willingness to persevere in practice is devotion to knowing True Self. 
True Self = True Freedom.


Devotion is an act of silence.
It is a decision
to stop the flow of thoughts
and return to the wisdom of stillness.
Thoughts shall start again,
and your attention will drift to them
if you are interested.
But if you are also interested in devotion,
you can again make the decision
to return to the Heart.
In this decision,
thoughts are not fed.
That which is not fed
must eventually die.

~From our Holy Spirit
Thoughts of Awakening


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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Course Note #190: self-surrender leads to Self-abidance

This year and more so now, I feel a deepening taking place within through the practices of: Resting in silent-stillness, Self-abidance and self-surrender. 

            The practices that I am guided to each day, or in various moments  shift and change, but essentially I practice silent-stillness with centering prayer and mantra; as well as shifting attention from world-thoughts-body-sheryl to Heart-Stillness.
resting in silent-stillness > self-surrender > Self-abidance

More on self-surrender:

I will tell you where to get food that is good for your soul.
Come, wait, and listen all who are thirsty.
Yes, come buy priceless spiritual wine and milk
without money – simply for
the price of self-surrender.

Harken diligently to Me and eat what is good.
Let your soul delight in fatness, which is
the profuseness of spiritual joy.
(Isaiah 55)

Wow! Let your soul delight in fatness!  

Surrender of the self to know the Self.  Less of “me” and more of "I am".  Surrender of the small limited self is a continuous process, not a finite one; it’s not something that occurs in one fell swoop. 

Like the caterpillar asleep in the chrysalis – that mysterious place of transformation, we are the self that clings to the earth conforming to the things of this world, and yet...we are awakening to the true Self that is as free as the butterfly.   

             In this quiet place of transformation, God calls me from preoccupation with myself: my work, my body, my ambitions, desires, and needs…calling me away from everything that keeps me hypnotized by the world.  
In the silence, I rest in the truth.  I rest in the reality of the realm of Love that is I am.
Holy Spirit,
To You who is the true Self,

I surrender “my” thoughts to You,
and in silent-stillness
I hear the thoughts of  Wisdom, Love
and Truth.

I surrender all that I am not,
so that I may come to know,
Truly know,
All that I Am.


~ Thank you ~