Monday, April 22, 2013

Course Note #189: All is provided...

Wisdom, knowledge, Guidance...
                     whatever is needed 
                                        in this moment
                                   will be pro
vided --
                                         you are willing
                                                   to rest in
                                                         and listen to
                                    the moment 
                                              that is

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Course Note #188: Acceptance is...

Seeing through the lens of fear

                I am separate from

                         All that Is.

Through the lens of fear
              Only lack and limitation is seen

Acceptance is seeing with Love
                                  In the present.

Healing is in the Present

 The Present is here now,
                           your embrace of
                                            All that is
                                                      All that You are.

In this present moment
I am willing to accept
                   that I am
                       the unlimited

Course Note #187: Abide in You

Abide in  Me
              You Abide in

                the answer
                          to all questions.

In stillness 

                I rest 
                        in home.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Course Note #186: Are you ready to Awaken to You?

In this season of Eastertime,

let us join together to be increasingly willing

to stop crucifying ourselves. 

We do this through listening to the Inner Voice
 that does not crucify.

This is your true voice. 
This voice speaks of love,
                                             joy and oneness.

Our desire for Resurrection is our desire to be liberated
  from the false, limited, not good enough self. 

 Today, may we remember 
to shift attention from the false
 to the true ~ the You
 that is one with
 All That Is.


Cease listening to the voice 
  of crucifixion, suffering and separation:
                       that voice you think of as
                                                    "my thoughts".                                          

                           The Voice for Love
                                                 is calling
                                                     to You now.

                            Are you ready 
                                          to increase your willingness
                                                                to be free?

                                                          Then be willing to listen to the voice
                                                                  that does not crucify.

                                                                       Are you ready to awaken
                                                                                             to Life?

                                                                                Are you ready to awaken 
                                                                                                       to You?