Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Course Note #176: Abide in Me

We’ve all tried to change a habit through self-denial and self-discipline only to find ourselves more frustrated than ever as the habit hangs on.  Even when our efforts appear to have worked in the sense that outwardly we are no longer engaging in that habit, it may still be alive and well in the mind. 
            For instance, we might decide that we will not make any more negative judgements about people, and we don't outwardly, but the toxic Chatty Cathy in the mind is still chattering away.  And what about diets: Some people can discipline themselves to the extent that outwardly their excess weight drops away, but they are tortured every time there’s food around.  Or they may be constantly tortured by not liking how they look.
            I don’t know about you, but the more I focus on changing some outward appearance and keeping my focus on externals (thoughts, body, world, money, relationships…), the more distracted I am from what really matters.  When we keep our focus and attention only on outward appearances, we move further away from where true change occurs – within. 

            The way to really conquer ourselves – the false imposter self – is to stop focusing on that self.  When we consistently begin to shift attention from ‘out there’ to within, we find that we can experience happiness and peace without needing outer things to change.

  Although I have heard and read the words “abide in me as I abide in you” many times over the years, on a recent evening I felt Spirit Within take me into the experience of true Self-abidance.  Together we joined deeply:

Abide in Me as I abide in You
Dwell in Me as I dwell in You
Unite  with Me as I unite with You

Live in Me as I live in You
Rest in Me as I rest in You

Remain in Me as I remain in You

I particularly like “remain…” as it reminds me that I have never left God-Self-Truth.  After this meditation with Spirit I was prompted to read John 15 in the Bible, which reminded me that the branch that abides to the vine bears much fruit; a branch cut from the vine withers and dies.

               This year feels to me to be about going deeper into surrender and Self-abidance, which is really the same thing.  Abidance in the present moment is surrender – surrender of the small limited self – surrender of the ego’s voice.

            As long as we seek to find a sense of security, meaning and hope in the world-body-person, all efforts will be futile.  Let all effort be devoted to that which is effective and fruitful.  As we quiet the mind and abide within, we are constantly guided as to what to say, what to do, where to go…  Abide as often as you remember in the silent-truth that You are.  Let this simple quiet rest in now be your preparation for everything. 

Abide in me as I abide in you
     Dwell in me as I dwell in you
          Live in me as I live in you
               Join with me as I join with you
                     Rest in me as I rest in you
                          Make your home in me as I make my home in you
                                Remain in me as I remain in you
                                          Abide in me as I abide in you

In this way, your efforts are effective and fruitful.  Abide as often as you remember in the silent truth that You are and I am.

Thank you Spirit Within-true Self
for showing me how to abide in the one truth,
the one Self
that we all share.


The Audio was recorded on Sunday 2/17/13 and is 55 min.
Much more is shared on this, including the pratice of abide in me.


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