Sunday, December 16, 2012

Course Note #164: Another way to See

We are asked to embrace God-Love in all things, and we may wonder how to do this when a tragedy such as the one in CT occurs. 
All I know for sure is that as a student of Love, I desire to let Love transform me into a vehicle of compassion for all beings.

            It is up to each one of us to pause… take a deep breath… and ask:

Spirit of Love within,

Cleanse my sight and
renew my vison.

Enable me to see this situation
through the vision of 
Your Love,
rather than through my eyes
of judgment and fear.

~ Thank You. ~

Rumi says:
Love is the cure,
for your pain will keep giving birth
to more pain until

 your eyes constantly exhale Love as effortlessly
as your body yields its scent.


In this audio I spoke on a message given to Regina Dawn Akers called: "Is Attack Possible?"  I was drawn to it the other night as I thought about events in the world.  I specifically spoke on part 2 of this message which can be read here:

On Sunday, 12/16/12 I gave a talk about seeing attack differently
in regard to the events in CT, as well as everything we experience.

The talk is 52 min. and encompasses more than I share here:


    MP3 File

If you would like to listen to more of my audios on spiritual principles,

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