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Note #161: Make Surrender a Habit

I am a prisoner of the ego-false self until I fully surrender to the Freedom-Self.  Webster defines surrender as: “to give oneself up, especially as a prisoner.”  This speaks to me because through the ego’s eyes this world is a prison, and with Love’s vision the world becomes a classroom where we learn that we are free now. 
The other night I was prompted to a “Holy Spirit Guides” message on making surrender a habit. * 

HSG: “We have been speaking of surrender. You have an idea of how little you surrender now [Busted!]. You have learned to surrender in some situations, but you have not yet learned to surrender in all. We must take what you do in some and extend it to all. This will take great commitment on your part, for the ego is willing for anything except surrender.”

Ego is unwilling to surrender because in identification with this false self, we view surrender as a giving up of who we think we are.  I see now that my current surrender practice is a moment-by-moment practice of shifting attention from the thought-stories in the mind to the silence of the Heart. 
A Course in Miracles does not use the word surrender, but its teachings on forgiveness are the same. With forgiveness I surrender that which is false in order to know that which is true.  Ego is fine with reading spiritual books and talking about spiritual ideas, but is unwilling for surrender because through surrender-forgiveness – ego dies.

HSG: “The ego wants you on the spiritual path. The spiritual path is a path of trying, seeking, discovering and sharing with others, all of which are actions in the world. It is not a path of Knowing and Being, because Knowing and Being cannot be found in action. Action may seem to be accomplished through one who is the embodiment of Knowing and Being, but that one is not acting. That one is following. Being is following, because following is joined, and joined is a part of the process of creation. Creation is never separate. It is a part Of and in full inclusion With. It is following, because following is never independent. Therefore, you prepare yourself for the pure act of creation by following one Voice within the world now.”

          This is a very interesting paragraph, and although I have read this message before, when I was prompted to it recently I saw it anew.  My work with the 7steps journal this year has led me to really understand that the true Self cannot be known through the intellect, through study or talking about it, it can only be known through the practice of shifting attention from ego-world-body-thought to Heart-stillness, to where the Self is.

However, there is a time for reading, discussing and studying spiritual principles, so please don’t read this and think that you are to get off the spiritual path because it is ego.  That is not what is being said here at all. We can instead acknowledge that one can be on a spiritual path with the ego, which will make it a continuous journey of seek, but do not find.

            Surrender is the path to Know thy Self, and at some point we must seek within rather than ‘out there’.  The important thing is to follow one’s own current-moment guidance.  Following guidance leads us to do things in the world, but it is a doing inspired from Heart-guidance versus thought-story.  (I go into this much more in the audio, see below for that link).

            HSG: “The ego will put up great resistance to this request [that of following one Voice]. The ego will tell you that complete following within the world is impossible, as some human matters cannot be left to Me. This is only resistance to full surrender. Full surrender is needed in order to know full oneness as I am.”
            Ego does tell us that it’s impossible doesn’t it?  We think that if we leave finding a job, a mate, bodily healing or anything else we think we want in the world up to some mysterious Voice…then surely we will lose in the end.  Yet, with surrender, the focus is taken off of outcome.

            During the teaching I was prompted to an entry in my 7steps journal, #97 **:

            RDA: “Abandon all future goals or desired outcomes. Any future ideal is based on the mind’s ideas of who I am, what I like, dislike, etc. Therefore, all future ideals are based on false premises and totally mistaken. Current-moment-heart with no thought for the future is the only true and trustworthy guide.  Whenever stories and perceptions of past, “I know” knowledge or future ideals appear in the mind, see them as meaningless vapors of nothing. Return attention to current-moment-heart. Be fully consistent in this practice.”
            I have a friend who told me that she only wants to date guys who are 6’5”.  Maybe the perfect person comes along who is 5’10” but she doesn’t even see him because she’s looking for 6’5”.  Of course this is a worldly example, but it is also a perfect example to describe how the false self operates: Based on what I like or dislike or who I think I am, I will attract or have this or that in the future.  Practice letting all such thoughts go.

            I was then prompted to #90:

            I can make plans and have ideas about the future, and about what I want to know, do or achieve, but all of it is conceived through the mind that is limited; the mind that plans based on past learning.  The Real Self is unlimited, and when I rest there, everything beyond this moment is a glorious open book!
            Let go of all notions about the future.  Consistently shift focus to the real-unlimited Reality that You are.

            Be willing to let go of all ideas about the future.  Anything we can think to imagine for ourselves in the future comes from scarcity-lack consciousness, which is inherent in the unconscious belief of being separated from our Source.  We’re asked to give up all of these goals and instead surrender to current-moment guidance.  
            The best example I know of is Regina Dawn Akers.  Several years ago she worked for a company and her highest goal at that time was to be a vice president in the company and she was fully on track to attain that goal.  Then…she was guided to quit her job and move to another state where she soon began to receive The Holy Spirit’s Interpretation of the New Testament aka NTI.  It is one the most amazing and life-changing books on the planet, and I for one am so thankful that she followed that guidance even though it scared her immensely. 

            HSG: “Here is what you are to do:
Focus on your willingness for full surrender. Whenever you remember, turn a situation over to Me. Let go of all attachment to what is done or not done or how it may be done. Make the surrender complete within your mind. When you feel complete surrender within, what to do will rise up. Follow that. That is the wave of oneness, which is the wave you shall ride Home. Ride that wave, and look for it continually. In this way, you will experience the least amount of delay.  
            “Do not think for yourself. Thinking for yourself is delay. Surrender all matters to Me until surrender is a matter of habit.”

            This is great news! I don’t have to know how to surrender fully; I need only be willing to.

Holy Spirit,
 to You who is my true Self,
I am willing for full surrender.

I am willing to let go of future desires and outcomes.
I let go of any thought about the future
that is based on the fears of today and yesterday.

I now turn all situations over to You.
I   am   willing   for   full   surrender.

I rest in the You that is Me.

* This message can be found in its entirety at under the monthly archives dated 12/10/06.   Quotes directly from the message begin with HSG:
**  My Steps to Self journal can be found here:

This audio was recorded to a live internet audience on 11/11/12.
Much more was covered during that teaching on spiritual practice, the practice
Of surrender, also touched on healing the lack consciousness and what to do for retirement. ;) 

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