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Course Note #154: Shift to Heart-Stillness

        I made an interesting discovery recently.  When I rest attention on my heart, yes the one inside my chest, I notice thought-free silence.  This realization was a bit of a wow moment for me.  Since then, it has become one of the practices I use to disengage from the thinking mind.

            You may want to practice this right now:  First, where is your attention? Perhaps on a news story, health issue or a relationship story…  While attention appears to be on something outside of you, take a moment to notice that your attention is really on your thoughts about whatever it is that is going on.
Next, simply shift your attention from the thoughts in your mind, to your heart.  Rest your focus on your actual heart.  Notice the thought-free silence. Rest there.
It’s a very simple practice, but also a very powerful one because it enables one to shift attention-focus from the world to the Self.  And while it is simple, the hard part comes in doing it, in really wanting to turn away from the distractions in the mind to the peace that can only be found within. 

It’s important to note that we don’t want to deny our experiences, but instead, let our experiences be used for healing.  Let’s say that currently you are having an experience of feeling guilty, or lacking in someway; or perhaps you are feeling unworthy or unfairly treated.  Don’t deny what you are experiencing because if you do, it always comes up again.  Look at what you are experiencing:  
              Ah…there I go again…thinking thoughts of lack and limitation…experiencing lack…  You can choose to shift attention to the heart…the still thought-free place where there is no lack, no limitation, no unworthiness, no guilt.  There you are guided from within.  From that silent place you may recognize the willingness to relinquish false beliefs in lack and unworthiness and guilt. 

As I have been working through my 7step journal, I have found that the consistent guidance is to relinquish, let go and practice. 
What do I relinquish and let go of?  The false thoughts and beliefs that drive my life, and that actually create my life experiences.
What do I practice?  As I check within for current-moment guidance, I am prompted to a practice appropriate for that moment.  I may know to shift attention-focus from my thoughts to Heart-stillness, or perhaps I will be prompted to use my current mantra: I am that I am.  I am.  Often I am prompted to remember something from my 7steps journal, or since I have been a student of A Course in Miracles for so long, I am frequently prompted to remember a workbook lesson or prayer from this source. 

It’s so simple.  Again, the hard part is the willingness to do this, to really see that I no longer want to be focused on grievances, lack, guilt or any of the distractions of the world – I want the stillness, the silence and the wisdom that meets me as I rest within.

I ask you to not look at the world.
I ask you to look in your Heart and see what you find there.
Your truth is written on your Heart.
And by seeking there, not in the world,
you will find confirmation that all I say is true.
For you do know the truth when you hear it.
You know it, because it is written in your Heart. 
It is written on your Heart, because it is you.

Open your heart and welcome your Self.
You are the truth that you seek.
And in welcoming your Self, you welcome your brothers,
and you welcome all that is true about the world.
All that is not true is let go,
because that which is not true is meaningless.

In this way, you rest in God.
When you rest in God,
Your truth is welcomed.
                                                                                (NTI 2 Corinthians, excerpts from chapters 3 and 7)


In my Sunday teachings of late, I have been inspired to teach from my 7steps journal, and to talk on those quotes that I am prompted to during the hour.  Much more was shared in this audio than was written about here.  I talked about how not to be guided by guilt.  And much was shared on how to live in the world and be not of the world, and the nature of the world, which was inspired by this post recently shared on Facebook:

I find that sometimes on contemplation of these quotes, previously I thought I wanted something profound to come through, and here I realized that what I really wanted was answers. Instead, what I consistently receive is the guidance to continue whatever practice I am guided to. In this way, answers will eventually come from within, but by then...I may have no more questions? ;)

This is fun:
My guidance from #441:
The world is not what I think it is.
What is it then?
I don’t know.
Good. Rest in “I don’t know.”

And then RDA's Guidance from #449:
What is the world?
I don’t know. I can’t answer that question.

Whenever an answer (a definition) does arise, question certainty regarding that thought. If certainty is not questioned, assumed certainty may be present. If certainty is questioned, it will be seen there is no certainty.

It's interesting for me to witness that while RDA, who has scribed 2 of the most amazing books on the planet, is receiving guidance that is different from mine, she too is being guided to see for herself the nature of Reality. In these teachings we are being guided to not exchange one belief for another, but to Look within and truly see!

I have created another blog for the 7steps journal which you can find here, if interested: http://www.stepstoself.blogspot.com


This audios was recorded on 7/22/12 and is 51 min. long

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