Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Course Note #144: Face-to-Face with the Unattached Self

Several months ago I received the inner message that I was hiding from something.  Immediately, I wrote the question, “What am I hiding from?” on a post-it note and stuck it on my computer.  A month or so later I was prompted into meditation and contemplation on the question, “What am I hiding from?”   Before long I heard the answer, “Your unattached Self.”
Recently while reading The Teachings of the Inner Ramana, I came to the chapter on: “Exposing the Attachment to Mind”, and it says:
“It is not my function to explain the Self to you.  The Self is not to be understood.  Rather, it is my function to help you see how you hide the Self from yourself, so you can choose to let go of the action of hiding it.”

Wow.  The unattached Self is the true Self, and we hide from it through our attachment to mind, i.e., “my” thoughts, ego, self-will and me, myself and I.  We come face-to-face with the unattached-true-impersonal Self through the relinquishment of attachments and the practice of surrender.

In my 7-steps journal I asked this question: “When I come to know the Self, how will I live in the world?”
And then I heard, “Very easily.”

In that same vein, the other day I wrote this:
            I want to live from the “real” rather than clinging to that which is false.  What would it be like to experience the world, this body, Sheryl through the vision of “real”?

Inner Teacher:  They would disappear.

Me as student: Okay, but that makes no sense to me.  The world, body and Sheryl would disappear?  How would that look?

Inner Teacher:  The world, the body, Sheryl would disappear in that, through the eyes of the true-real Self you would no longer be attached and identified with that which is false.  Through the eyes of real, you would truly see that nothing outside of the real-true Self can effect the You that is Real.  When you are no longer attached to this world, the body and the person Sheryl, you will know true freedom.

More was shared in the audio on how we cannot be guided when we are attached to certain ideas, habits, activities, etc.   We can look at even our mundane habits of the day to see our attachments.  

In the audio, which was recorded on 3/18/12, I share so much wonderful material on relinquishment of attachment and the practice of surrender, that I could not really fit it all in a blog writing, and so I shared a couple excerpts.  If these ideas are interesting to you, enjoy the audio, which is 54 min. long.


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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Course Note #143: Relinqishment of me, myself and I

            This is actually a topic that I didn’t think I would be talking or writing about anytime soon, but here we are on: relinquishment of personhood, or letting go of identification with me, myself and I! Ha!

            Since January of this year I have been diligently devoted to inner excavation that is being facilitated by working with the book The Seven Steps to Awakening.  Along with this work I listen daily to the audios by Regina Dawn Akers who is also working with the book and teaching from it and her personal journal.
            My experience with this work is similar to when I first did the workbook of A Course in Miracles in that, the lessons often coincided with experiences in my life and as I applied the lesson to whatever was going on, I realized the truth of the teaching. 

When I first started the 7 step work, the quotes in the book made no sense to me, but through practice I am beginning to understand.  They have become as applicable to my daily experience as the course lessons.

That said, the other day while in my office I engaged in several conversations about things going on in the world like the academy awards, politics and the like, and each time I was asked my opinion, I gave it.  That evening while driving home from work I popped in a 7 step cd and heard this:

“Resist the tempting pull of controversy, opinion, right or wrong and “I know.”  Stay in the heart, in open and still unknowing.  Stay in the peace of no-opinion, of pure being.”  (Quote #19 from RDA’s journal)

                  This really spoke to me and I felt to contemplate it further when I got home.  The next morning, as I was driving home from the gym I popped in that cd again and it picked up with the exact same quote!  I pondered it as I got ready for work, and as I drove to work that day, I had it pretty much memorized.  It was my sincere desire to resist the lure of controversy and to rest in “the peace of no-opinion”. 
So I get to work, and one of the first people who came in brought up the same topics, and I proceed to engage in almost the exact same conversation as I did the day before!  Here I had been focused for the previous 24 hours on letting go of opinions…and immediately fell right back into it again.  And yet, now I am increasingly aware of what I am doing and its effects.

                  We are so inclined to keep our focus on the world, and thus it becomes easy to engage in similar conversations, to have particular thoughts and behaviors that despite our effort to resist them, they persist.  This is why vigilant practice is required because ego is on automatic pilot. 

When I used to read or hear conversations about the idea of letting go of personhood, I thought it was sort of ridiculous, and it was not something I was even remotely interested in doing.  And I wondered, “What does that even mean?!”     I did not want to give up Sheryl.  I like her! She’s me!

               Well, now I am beginning to understand that as long as I want to hold onto “Sheryl” I will also hold on to my opinions, beliefs and ideas.  I am beginning to understand that the true Self is an “impersonal” Self in that it is not personally attached to having things be a certain way.  As I came home to my 7 step work the other night and read quote #117, I had this response in my journal:

I am beginning to understand more of what it means to live as the “impersonal Self,” and to live an “impersonal life.”  I used to find the whole idea sort of weird, but now I get it.  As I live from truth-within, I find that I am in harmony with all.  When I am identified with Sheryl-self I am separated from all.  Who am I without all my worldly props?

            I’ve written much in the last couple years about the true purpose-desire being, Know thy Self.  For most of my life those were just words to me, but somehow, and I might add, unbidden by me, it has become a burning desire enabling me to let go of previous worldly ambitions.  I now understand that I cannot know thy Self as long as I hold onto the self I think I am. 
            As we bring awareness to the stories that play out in the mind, we begin to notice that the main character is always: me, myself and I! 

            I am reminded by something I read in Mooji’s book, Before I Am that speaks of this.  It starts out with a joke I had heard before because it is a doctor joke! Ha! But he adds to it so profoundly:
            “I will tell you a story.  In great pain, a man went to see the doctor.  ‘How can I help you?’ the doctor asked him.  ‘I hurt all over, doctor’ said the man.  ‘Whenever I touch here,’ he explained, touching a spot near his heart with his finger, ‘it hurts!  And if I touch here,’ he added, touching his nose, ‘ouch! – it also hurts!’  The doctor looked on, perplexed, as the man continued.  ‘When I touch here,’ he said, touching his stomach, ‘it hurts like hell!’  Then he leaned toward the doctor and touched his eyelid with his finger.  ‘Ooouch!’ he yelled again.  So, the doctor conducted a complete physical examination on the man.  Finally, ‘Sir, the doctor said, ‘I can find nothing wrong with the areas you showed me.  The trouble is, you have a broken finger!’
            “’I’ is this finger.  Wherever ‘I’ goes, there is always trouble.  This ‘I’ is ego:  ‘I like, I dislike.’  Whatever it touches, in ignorance, causes itself and others pain.  Yet it imagines pain is caused by ‘other’.  When, through grace, it is realized that ‘I-ego’ is the cause of suffering, and that ‘I-ego’ is dreamed in being, suffering ends.
            “Identification with this ‘I’ is the root of suffering.  When you choose what you should experience – you suffer.  When you choose who you should learn from – you suffer.  When you constantly interpret how things are or how they should be, what you deserve and what you do not deserve – you suffer.  Wherever there is pride, attachments, judgments and desires, there is suffering.  When we awaken from ignorance into our true nature – suffering is absent.” (page 24)

            I have been contemplating these ideas for quite awhile, and to my amazement, I now see – I was blind, but now I see.  It is my focus on me, myself and I that is the cause of suffering.  As A Course in Miracles reminds me, “I can be hurt by nothing but my thoughts.”  (lesson 281)

            I want to say here that there is nothing wrong with having opinions, being identified with who we think we are and all of that…  But now, if I am saying that my purpose, my devotion, my true desire is to know the true-impersonal Self, if that’s true, then my opinions, my beliefs about good and bad, right and wrong and what I think I know – no longer serve me.

            If you want to play baseball for the Dodgers, then you’re going to have to practice  a lot more than if you just want to play baseball with your child on Sunday afternoon.  What do you want?  What is your true desire?

              If my true desire is to teach spirituality and write blogs and hype myself up, then I don’t have to practice all that much, not much vigilance is required.  But, if I am here to teach what I need to learn, if I am really willing to finally know thy Self, then my opinions, and habits, and all the meaningless stuff I so easily fall into, need to go.  Our thoughts, ideas and opinions serve only the ego.

I’ll be totally honest and tell you that I have experienced great resistance to these ideas over several years, and so no one is more amazed than me to see the directions I am being guided in. 
            And now I will end with a favorite paragraph from The Teachings of the Inner Ramana, page 74:

Today as you practice your devotion,
I ask you to remember your desire
to be an instrument of truth in this world.

This is your desire to be fully surrendered…
not at all attached to the “I” thought…
so that the truth of God can be made manifest
through you.

Focus on this desire,
and realize the power this desire has over you.
Then surrender to this power,
and let God walk the earth
through you.

The audio was recorded on 2/26/12 and is 57 min.


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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Course Note #142: Relinquish self-will to know Self

Over the last few months I’ve talked and written about stages on the spiritual path, which Peace Pilgrim calls: preparations, purifications and relinquishments.  NTI also speaks of these stages and tells us that they are all about loosening and letting go.  This is what it says about the third stage:

“The third stage on the path with Me is the stage of guidance and service.  This is the time when the merging will occur.  For through your willingness, I will willingly work My Will through you. 
“Before this stage, two things must occur: the loosening and letting go.  Throughout this stage, two things must occur: continued loosening and letting go.  For loosening and letting go are the path to healing.  They must continue until you know that you are healed.
“When you reach the third phase of the path, enough loosening and letting go has been accomplished to enable you to be willing to see.  Sight is acceptance and surrender to Me, so it is willingness to put self-will aside.
“During the third stage with Me, you will know My Presence, for your faith will open your eyes to Me.  You will know you are led and cared for, and you will surrender more self-will to Me.  This is how the merging occurs.  It is through your own willingness to surrender to Me.  As self-will is place aside as meaningless and undesired by you, the Will that fills the space is your true Will, which is also Me.”  (NTI Acts 22)

            As I have increasingly practiced mantra and surrender I have experienced glimpses of the true Self, which stands firm in the absence of self-will.  In the silence I recognize that humility is really about laying the small self aside to follow higher will.
In the Bible Paul said, “I die daily.”  I used to wonder, “What does that mean?”  And then I came across a translation that says, “I die to self daily.”  Ah…
            Life is what we experience when we live from the true Self which is the Source of Life, and so as we die daily to the small self, the one that tells us we are not good enough; that there is much to be afraid of; the self that tells us that we are lacking, limited and will never have or be enough…   Let us be willing to die daily, even moment-by-moment to that self so that we may know the true Self. 
            Often we receive messages from here and there to let it be, let go and let God, go with the flow… And many of us have experienced what life can be like when we do this – there is a sense of ease and trust, and a sense of effortlessness.  We have also, and much more frequently, experienced what life is like when self-will leads the way – struggle, frustration and a sense of striving to achieve to be and to do…
            For fun I looked up “self-will”, and according to Webster it means: “willful adherence to one’s own desires and ideas.”  Throughout spiritual literature we may also hear the message of: Not my will but Thy will be done; let go of self and follow Me.  If we truly desire to be most helpful in letting Truth extend through us, then “my” adherence to “my” own desires and ideas must be relinquished. 
            Surrender is relinquishment of the ego.  This is what we truly want. 

            “Now that you see, I ask for your help.  You can be used by Me for the healing of the mind, if you are willing.  In order to be most helpful, you must be willing to lay yourself aside.  For you can only be helpful to Me when you are under My direction, and I can only direct you when you are willing to surrender to Me.
            “…Through your surrender, we are made one, even within the illusion of division.  Through your surrender, our heart is combined, and you shall know Me through your Self.
            “You do not see yourself as Me yet, which means that you see with the eyes of illusion.  But with understanding and willingness, and your complete surrender, you shall see Me as you.
            “…In surrendering to Me, you surrender to your Self.  In this realization, you are swept with peace and joy, for your true Will is your true desire. Pray then, for your own end.  Pray with willingness to let go of the illusory self.  It is nothing to you, and it keeps you from the realization of your truth. 
            “Do not fear the passing of this self you call home.  It is not your home.  And you do not belong there within your awareness.  Your awareness belongs with Me.  I see your true Self, and I am waiting here with you to share your Self with you.”  (NTI Romans 15)

~ Thank you ~

The audio was recorded on 2/12/12 and is 56 min.
It includes much more than has been shared here.


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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Course Note #141: The Impersonal Self Does Not Think

The Impersonal Self does not think ~ The Relinquishment of Thinking
        In the audio accompanying this blog I talked about many things in regard to the idea of the "relinquishment of thinking", and since I have written on this idea previously, I have included links to those posts at the bottom of this post. If this is something that feels up for you, don't miss those as they go more in depth that what I am sharing here.  Here are a few additional excerpts from the audio:

            For quite a long time I just did not understand this idea of letting go of thinking, because, well, who can stop thinking?!  Now, however, I understand that the true Self is indeed, an impersonal Self that can only be experienced in the absence of “thinking.”
            A definition of the word “impersonal” is, “not existing as a person; not having human qualities or characteristics.”  The impersonal-true Self lies beyond what I think of as Sheryl.  The voice I used to think of as “my" thoughts is the voice of the small-limited, not-good-enough self that chatters incessantly about me, myself, and I.  In order to hear the Voice of the true Self, I must be willing to relinquish the habit of listening to "my" thoughts.  Lesson 51 in A Course in Miracles speaks of this as well.

            When we are being led by the Voice of the Universe, life actually becomes more fun, and feels more on purpose as we serve one another.  The impersonal-true Self sees the whole.  When we allow ourselves to be guided from that which sees the whole, we can trust that wherever we are guided to be, and whatever we are guided to do is in harmony with all.  Sometimes we can feel frustration about just what it is that we are meant to do in the world.  I have found peace in the acceptance that what I am guided to do in this moment, is the way I can be most truly helpful.


In the audio we took a moment to rest the thinking mind and Be Still…


            I shared a quote from the book The Seven Steps to Awakening:

            “Don’t be interested in the words that the mind is serving up for you.  It is putting them there to tempt you into a stream of thoughts that will take you away from the Self.  You have to ignore them all and focus on the light that is shining within you.”  (quote #55)

            We are, oh so very interested in the words the mind is serving up to us, and in the stories it tells.  Can you see, even as you listen to the thoughts in your mind right now…can you see that they teach separation and take you away from the true-impersonal Self?  Can you see?
            “The thinking mind will keep you fearful.  The thinking mind will judge and separate you from your Self.  You cannot see clearly through the thinking mind, because the thinking mind was made so you would not see.
            “Be grateful for your Self, which is beyond the thinking mind.  See how it works.  Through watching it, you will learn you have need for it no more.”  (NTI Revelation, 19v4-5)

            It’s true.  The more I watch the thinking mind it becomes increasingly clear that it truly is the source of all pain and suffering.  I have more willingness than ever before to be vigilant toward its demise.  Although to be honest, I don’t know that we can come to place of not thinking for extended periods of time, but we can learn to turn away from the stories and instead, rest in the silence of the true-impersonal Self.
              Instead of trying not to think, simply observe the thoughts in the mind and remember what you really want.   When I keep my focus on true desire ~ know thy Self ~ I feel in the flow with all of life.  When I listen to the thoughts in my mind it's almost as if I hit a dam.

          The mantra practice has been a true gift because it enables me to visit the true-impersonal Self.  Through the practice of the mantra, in recent months I have experienced for the first time the sweetness of no-thought-silence.  And it is, indeed ~ Sweet!

            So as we go about our lives this week, may we be willing to be still more frequently and to rest in that place of silence where we come to know and to experience the true-impersonal Self.

The Audio was recorded on 1/29/12 and is 56 min.


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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Course Note #140: Relinquishment of Guilt & Unworthiness

Hi Friends,

I posted a new audio from Sunday,  3/4/12 on: Relinquishment of Guilt & Unworthiness.

       Family relationships can be rife with guilt and that came up in this audio.  Also included is wonderful advice that my friend Regina shared with me in regard to my daily practice, and it fits beautifully with my focus this year on resting in the Silence of Self:

           "The Course tells us our only function is forgiveness.  For me, that is currently reinterpreted as "My only function is to rest in Self (or in the Heart)."  Any problem or thought stream that takes me from resting in Self is a distraction.  When I notice I have become distracted by the problem of the day, I return to inner focus on Self instead.  I also trust that through this simple process, everything else will take care of itself."

             In the middle of the night last night I awoke with some tension. Rather than listening to the thought stream,  I began to breathe deeply and focus on my mantra.  As I entered the silence I heard the Inner Voice tell me that this was the best way to practice, to see all the thoughts in my mind as distractions from true purpose. 
          In this way, all thought stories and perceived problems become gifts to awakening, as they can serve to remind me that I am distracted, and in the moment I can choose again.

Links to several posts on Healing Guilt:


Thursday, March 01, 2012

Course Note #139: What I See is What I Want

In this blog and audio I am sharing from a “Holy Spirit Guides” message entitled, “What’s the desire that I am truly choosing?”*  When I use the symbol “HS” I am quoting directly from the message.

            HS: “The vibrational level symbol is very useful because it shows you how you choose desire and how desire leads to effects. Choosing desire is not totally conscious. That is, you can think you are choosing one desire when you are choosing another, and the symbol of vibrational levels helps you see which desire you are actually choosing now.”

            The “vibrational level symbol” is referring to tuning into feelings as a useful way to see which desire we are truly choosing. Obviously feelings of fear, guilt, and unworthiness carry a heavier vibration than feelings of peace or happiness.  We are being taught to tune into our feelings as a way to see which desire we are actually choosing.
            HS: “Let’s use the example of wanting guidance from Me. At the level of consciousness, you may think you are choosing the desire to awaken by choosing to want My guidance. However, if you have judged that something is wrong, and out of fear or lack you are wanting guidance as a correction, you are actually choosing to see yourself as alone. And since this choice is your desire, the perception of aloneness shall be the effect. In other words, you will not know guidance.”

            Let’s say you are praying for guidance to solve a perceived problem of financial lack.  You may receive guidance that you think is coming from Spirit, but because you are in the vibrational level of fear and lack as in perceiving something as wrong, the guidance you receive is really coming from fear. 
A few years ago I was feeling lack in regard to business due to so many changes in the insurance industry.  At the time I felt strongly guided to start doing counseling on a more formal level.  Even though I counsel people every day in my chiropractic practice, it wasn’t panning out to do it on a formal level.  For a couple years after that I wondered why I had received the guidance to do it when it obviously was not something I was being called to do in the way I had received guidance about it.

            When I came across this message on desire I realized that this is exactly what I had done – I had asked for guidance out of fear and lack, and so the guidance I received seemed to be the solution to a problem from Spirit, when it was really guidance coming from the false desire to know thyself as lacking, limited and alone.

            I have a large office with a couple of rooms that I don’t use that much, and ironically, as I have focused increasingly on the desire to trust the universe and let the chips fall where they may in regard to my life, in the last year and a half, and out-of-the-blue, two different health care professional have come to rent space in my office.  

            Now, this was true guidance that came from trusting the universe versus the guidance that didn’t pan out because it came from the vibration of fear and lack.  Also I had previously not been interested in renting out rooms because I don’t like having other people in my space.  The two people who have rented from me are people that I liked and trusted almost immediately.  And now…I am also being asked to do counseling on a more formal level! 
Spirit Within has been reminding me of a sentence in the Inner Ramana teachings regarding resisting the “easy life of following.”  In those teachings we are taught that the mantra practice is a useful tool to change our vibrational level from the egoic radio station to the Holy Spirit/True Self station, and so HS has said to me: “Sheryl, life is easy when you follow me, and life is frustrating when you trust in yourself and listen to fear, guilt and lack.”

            HS: “When you choose the perception of separation as a way of seeing now, you choose to desire that perception.
Let me say that again.
“When you choose the perception of separation as a way of seeing now, you choose to desire that perception.
 “Do you see how this works?
“This is why it is important to be aware of your current feeling and to consciously out of willingness choose your perception now.”
            See, if you are currently aware that you are worried and afraid, this is your current vibrational level and through willingness, you can choose again now.  The mantra practice helps me to choose again now, but for many years I would pray a simple prayer:

Holy Spirit,
Help me see this through your vision of love,
than through my eyes of fear and judgment.

            HS: “Choosing to trust the mystery of God is an easy and useful perception, because it is choosing to perceive that you are not alone…you are fully connected with the Allness that is Love and it is choosing to trust it without needing to understand it. When you need to understand it, you listen to doubt that it may not be so.”

            When we “trust the mystery of God” we live in the “easy life of following” and things change in ways that we could not have predicted and caused on our own.  The feelings that we hold onto and live from stem from the belief that:  

“Maybe I am alone.  Maybe I cannot trust the mystery – maybe it isn’t true!  If I take my hands off the wheel, everything will fall apart.”  The truth of course is that, when I let go, all things come together.

HS: “All things are given you because you have asked it to be so.”

We resist this message just like we resist the teaching in A Course in Miracles that says, “You are doing this to yourself.”  The great news is that we are learning just how we do it to ourselves.  It is becoming increasing clear to me, just how I ask.  Such teachings along with the teachings in NTI James that I wrote about in the previous blog have changed my life. 

Ah…Now I see how and why I have chosen these experiences again and again, because in this area, I am still giving energy to the desire of know thyself as lacking, limited and alone. 

To be honest with you, in some areas, I am having similar experiences but at least now I know why.  Through mind watching I see the thoughts that feed the feelings and false desire.**  Now I know that I can experience healing through my willingness to practice trusting the mystery of God through keeping my focus on my true desire:
Know thy Self
HS: “I have said that seeing with Me is a moment-to-moment decision. Maybe you see more clearly now how this decision is made. It is made through your true choice in desire. It is made through what you choose to believe. It is made through the thoughts you choose to listen to and through the feelings you decide to live from. And any time you choose to change a habit in order to begin making a new choice, you are expressing a new desire and you shall experience a different effect.”

Yes, it is the thoughts I choose to listen to, and the feelings I decide to hold to and the beliefs I choose to believe that create my life experiences.  Most of us have areas in our lives where we experience frustration, worry, fear… Vigilance in practice is required because in those areas we have been thinking certain thoughts and believing false beliefs for so long that we don’t really notice them.  We cannot change without vigilant practice and willingness to change our habitual thought patterns. 

HS: “The ego is quite literally the result of fear and judgment, and so whenever you listen to the ego (the thinking mind or the little self), you are choosing the perception of fear and judgment. This is the perception that you are alone and separate, and that perception shall be given you.
“Choosing to trust without knowing how or why…choosing to trust without needing understanding this is the highest level of trust in the world. You are asking to see the perfection of love in all things when you choose this level of trust. And if you hold to this level of trust, this is all you shall see.”

HS: “If you worry, and you worry about your worrying because you’ve learned that worrying keeps you at a low vibrational level, choose to allow your worrying. By allowing your worrying, you choose to trust that you are perfect as you are now. This is a desire to see yourself differently, and this desire shall lead you to a new way to see.”

When teaching this message, Regina said something I love.  It was something like: Choose the highest level that you can honestly choose in the moment.  Meaning that for some, the fear may be so great that they simply cannot choose to trust the mystery.  I have certainly experienced what HS says in this paragraph about worrying about your worrying as in, I may get caught up in thoughts of lack, and then feel like I’m only going to create more lack because I am caught up in lack!  Ever been there?

Allow your worrying.  To me this means to practice acceptance.***  If right now you are feeling a lot of fear, or your mind is spinning on some story that you are listening to, sometimes trust is not what you can honestly choose in the moment, and so it is much more helpful to allow and accept what you are feeling in the moment.  And talking about vibrational levels of feeling, we can feel the difference.

“Oh My God! Oh My God! I can’t believe this is happening! What am I going to do?!”  How does this feel?


“Ah… yes.  I see these thoughts in my mind. I accept them.  I allow myself to be exactly as I am right now.  Holy Spirit I give this to You.  I know that You will correct my mind very gently and return me to the remembrance that I am Love.
Feel the difference between fear and simply allowing?  Acceptance is a higher vibrational level.  This is how we recognize which desire we are choosing. 

HS: The symbol of vibrational level is helpful, because it allows you to see that choosing low vibrational energies pulls you down, while choosing high vibrational energies pulls you up to a higher way of seeing. Know that behind all of this exists only the cause and effect of desire, but it is the cause and effect of the desire you are actually choosing as opposed to the one you think you are choosing. In that way, awareness of desire is important to will for. Will for knowing the desire you are choosing by being a student of feeling. Feel the vibrational level of your desire more than you listen to the story in your head. When you feel fear or other feelings that may be the effects or off-spring of fear, be willing to raise your vibrational level by choosing another perception.

Choose the perception of trust. Trust the mystery without needing understanding.

Choose the perception of love. Choose to know thy Self without needing to know what thy Self may be.

Choose the perception that is not fear. Choose the perception that is knowledge of not alone.
In choosing this, you desire to see differently, and this we may call raising your vibrational level to the level at which you hear and know Me.”

~ Thank you ~
The audio was recorded on 2-19-12 and is 56 min.


    MP3 File

* This message can be found in its entirety at http://www.reginadawnakers.com under “monthly archives” dated April 19, 2008.  Regina also gave a really great talk on this material in her “Holy Spirit Guides” series, weeks 152 & 153.

** I did a series of teachings from the HSGs messages called “Be Watchful with Me” which are extremely helpful for the practice of mind-watching.   These can be found at: http://www.sherylvalentineaudio.blogspot.com