Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Course Note #126: How to be truly useful to yourself

Today I will be sharing from a “Holy Spirit’s Guides” message called “Be watchful with Me, part III”*

            HS:   “There is a restfulness in the task of mind-watching that is necessary if you are to watch the mind without feeling guilty.  If you are judging or feeling guilty as you watch the mind, you are not being watchful.  You are sleeping.  You are sleeping because you believe there is an element of reality within your thoughts for which they can be judged or you can be judged and be guilty.”  

            As we begin to watch the mind and see thoughts of lack, fear, judgment, attack, etc., we may fall into the temptation to judge ourselves as being a bad.  The next time you feel guilty about the thoughts you see in the mind, recognize that you are judging yourself, and that you are watching the mind with the ego.  With such awareness, I can simply ask Holy Spirit to watch with me.

            HS:  “Watchfulness comes from a position of observation without attachment.  When I ask you to be detached, I ask you to recognize that the thought has no inherent value of itself.  It is just a thought.  When you accept that a thought has no inherent value of itself, you can watch the mind with a restful sense of curiosity without judgment.”

            A few years ago, as I was guided deeper into mind watching, I began to call the incessant chattering in my head the toxic chatty Cathy.  Later I realized that when I did that, I had become the observer rather than being totally identified with those thoughts as being “me”.  Once I recognize that this voice is not the voice of my true Self, it then follows that I can become increasingly willing to stop listening to it and believing the stories that it tells. 
            As I rest the mind and simply look at the thoughts, the task actually is one of curiosity, and even sort of fun as I realize that these thoughts I now see are thoughts that I have been thinking, and believing, for years!  They are just thoughts, they are not the truth about me or anything else.

            HS:  “Many people do not know how to detach from their thoughts. They do not see how they assume inherent value and automatically judge based on that value. I will cover this now, so that those wishing to learn and practice detachment may see how to do what they feel they cannot do.
            “Let’s look at something that may seem closer to your everyday experience.  Let’s look at anger.  When you have a thought of anger or when you act on that thought, you may judge yourself as having done something that is inherently wrong.  But if all experience is merely experience for experience’s sake, can any experience be wrong?  Can any experience be judged?  Wasn’t the experience that was desired experienced?  In that way, didn’t it happen just as it was meant to happen?
            “When you accept that there is no inherent value (or right or wrong) in any thought or action, you become detached from that thought or action, because you are no longer automatically judging it.  You are simply observing it.”
            See, continuing with this example of anger, so often we do not really experience the anger because we deny it with thoughts and stories about why we feel angry, we see the cause as being out there.  When we do not experience these feelings, they keep coming up until we become conscious enough to allow ourselves to experience them for the purpose of ultimately letting them go. 
            In The Holy Spirit’s Interpretation of the New Testament (NTI), 2 Timothy describes this idea brilliantly:**
            “God has granted you the right to have experience.  You have, within you, the desire to have experience.  … Let’s remember that this is a course of looking within in order to heal all that is false within your mind.  The world is never cause.  The mind is cause.
            “Now look on the world.  Look without judgment.  Look with curiosity.  Look on the world and see it as a harmless and meaningless prop.  As you do this, feelings will seem to come up in you, feelings that say, ‘The world is not a prop!’  Do not turn away from your feelings.  Turn your attention, now, from the prop to the feelings it has evoked.  This is the experience you deemed to have.
            “Feel the feelings of injustice and anger and sadness and blame.
           “…The feelings within you are not to be hidden.  Do not be afraid of the feelings you find within.  They do not define you.  They are not who you are.  They are who you are not.  By looking at them and experiencing them, and not fearing them, you may release them.  As they go, you shall see they were not who you are.  As you release them, do not make this error:

Do not feel
that your feelings were caused
by anything in the world.
They were not.

            “The feelings were in the mind first.  In this way, celebrate the world.  Be grateful that it can be used to show you your need for healing.  Have faith in the healing process.  Healing is your only purpose.  Do not be distracted.  You enjoy the process as you come to recognize its reward, and the reward you recognize is That Which you truly Are.”
            Going back to the message, what does this have to do with mind-watching?

            HS:  “Observe the thoughts in the mind from a detached perspective and ask, “What do I want to experience now?”  Hold your desired experience in the mind and weigh the thought against that desire.  This is not judgment, but discernment.  You are merely asking, “Does this thought serve me when my desire experience is ‘x’?

            "If your desire experience is love, does an attack thought serve you?
            If your desired experience is peace, does a fear thought serve you?
            If your desire experience is joy, does a thought of grievance or judgment against another help to bring that experience to you now?
            If not, let the thought go.

            "This is the only way you can be truly useful to yourself:

Recognize your purpose, and
 choose only the thoughts that support that purpose.

            “In this way, you bring to you the experience you choose to experience instead of one you do not want to experience.”

If my true desire is to know my Self as Love created it, unlimited and free, do thoughts of lack, limitation and unworthiness support this purpose?  And so I ask myself: “Do I want to continue to experience the feelings that tell me who I am not?  Or, do I want to choose the experience of remembrance?  Pay attention to your thoughts, each thought either supports your purpose or distracts you from it.

HS: “To choose the experience you desire to choose is wakefulness.  To choose the experience you do not desire to choose is to sleep.”

Now I want to remember that when I watch my mind and see thoughts of intolerance, anger, lack and unworthiness…and I judge myself for it, I am not being watchful, I am sleeping.  And in my slumber, I continue to have experiences that I really don’t want anymore.  But, through watching the mind with Holy Spirit, I begin to wake up, and thus I create new experiences through wakefulness.

HS:  “Remain awake.  Be watchful.  Choose the experience you choose to experience by choosing from your mind in alignment with your purpose.  This is discernment.
This is to be watchful with Me.

The audio includes much more than was shared here.
It was recorded on 9/4/11 and can be found in the previous blog,
Couse note #125, as the audio covers both that blog and this one.
 All of the "Be watchful with me" audios can be found on my audio blog:

 * This can be found in its entirety at: http://www.reginadawnakers.com
under monthly archives dated, January 18, 2007.  When I use the “HS” symbol, I am quoting directly from the message.
** There are 4 chapters in NTI 2 Timothy, which is too much to share here, and so I have shared excerpts from various chapters.  If these ideas are interesting to you, and you have NTI, this is an amazing and life changing chapter to read with Spirit.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Course Note #125: Stay Focused on True Desire

Over the last few months I did a series of teachings from the “Be Watchful with Me” series of messages, which are teachings from the “Holy Spirit Guides” series.*  I have been prompted to write blogs on those teachings.  This blog will be on the importance of staying focused on true desire.

Our true desire is Know thy Self.  Many different words can be used, but in our heart-of-hearts, we all desire to know Self as Love created it, unlimited and free.  For the most part, we we are not conscious of the fact that we also had a past desire to know ourselves as something other than a free being created by Love. 
I’ve been carrying this particular message around with me for quite awhile now, ever since I realized that I create experience through the desire I give my energy to.  I recognize that unconsciously, I have been giving energy to a past desire of not know thy Self!  The great thing about mind watching is that it brings that which was unconscious to conscious awareness.

HS:   “You are at a place where constant watchfulness is necessary.  You have realized your true desire and made it known throughout the mind, yet the past desire is not yet resigned to your true desire.  This is merely a time of patience, for a past desire cannot long live if new desire is not given to it.  Stay focused on your true desire, which is in your heart.  All remnants of past desire will fade away if you do not slip into listening to it now.”

So, I now recognize my true desire, yet the past desire to know myself as lacking and limited is still lurking in there too.  I now want to create through my true desire, but let’s say I have a thought of lack like: I wonder if I will be able to pay the bills this month?  I wonder if I will ever be able to retire?  I wonder if I’ll be able to get a job?
As we learn to watch the mind, we see those thoughts: Ah…those are lack thoughts, and those thoughts stem from a belief in lack, and the belief comes the desire to not know thy Self.  Here I see that the past desire is not totally gone.  Why? 
Well, because I have a split mind (not in truth), but here in time and space the mind is split between the desire to know myself as I truly am, and the desire to know myself as lacking and limited; the mind is split between a focus on truth and illusion.
I see the thoughts of lack and then I remember: Oh, that’s right!  I no longer want to give energy to false beliefs and desires.  Holy Spirit, I am willing to let go of this belief in lack, and let you heal it for me. 
See, when we have those thoughts of lack, fear, unworthiness or guilt, we have merely slipped into listening to a past desire.  We need not beat-up-on-ourselves for this, but instead be patient and return our mind to the desire that we do want to give our energy to.  In this way the past desire will soon fade away. 

I have to tell you that I have been working with issues around lack and limitation for decades, and while I have experienced much healing with it over the years, I did not see it begin to fade away until I began to practice exactly what I am sharing with you here.  But I didn’t practice it once or twice, I have been vigilant with the practice for a couple of years now. 
I got the most practice on lack and limitation beliefs by watching my mind as I drove by gas stations when gas prices were rising daily.  Each time I drove by one, my mind would go into a rant about corporate greed, about those who are struggling and similar thoughts.  One day, while watching these thoughts, I realized that they were thoughts stemming from a belief in lack and limitation. 
Often times, while engaging in this particular rant, I wasn’t even upset about me not having money for gas, I was upset for other people who were probably forced to choose between gas and food.  I realized that I was projecting my belief in lack onto my brothers!  I’ve finally come to understand that I can most help my brothers as I heal the false beliefs in my own mind.
Right then and there as I drove by the gas station: First, I saw the thoughts of lack; then I recognized them as stemming from a belief in lack, which stemmed from a desire to know myself as lacking and limited.  I remembered that I no longer want to create such experiences, and so I prayed:

Holy Spirit,
I am willing to let go of the belief in
lack and limitation.
I give it to You.
I trust that you will correct it for me.
Thank You.

After a few months of this, I suddenly noticed that in other areas of my life where I had previously been prone to slipping into thoughts of lack, I no longer had such thoughts, and when I did, I caught them quickly and focused on my true desire. 

While I have worked with many practices over the years in regard to this belief, this is the only practice that has led to healing it.  My inner teacher has led me to material over the last few years that facilitated many deeper insights, but NTI (The Holy Spirit’s Interpretation of the New Testament), and particularly NTI James, has been a life-changer.**

In James we are taught: “Be a conscious-minded teacher of yourself”.  The way we do this is to bring awareness to the thoughts in the mind, and through such awareness we learn that we can choose what we really want.

The world was made through the desire to want to experience being something other than I am in truth.  In this world of form we have the opportunity to experience lack, guilt, unworthiness, limitation, fear…and I say “opportunity” because, it is through willingness to really let ourselves experience it, and to look at our thoughts as we do, that we can then ask ourselves, “Do I want to continue experiencing this?”   If you do, that’s fine, but if you don’t…  Let’s face it; false beliefs have been creating our experiences for way too long. 

“You always receive as you have asked, but you may not be aware that you are receiving because you do not know what you have asked for.
“You do not ask from God through the expression of your words or thoughts.  You ask from the process of creation through the desire that you give your energy to.”  (NTI James 4v1-3)

Using the lack example again: We may think that we want more money, a better job, or certain possessions, etc. – when we are not watching our thoughts, we don’t recognize that we are being led by the desire to know ourselves as lacking and limited, and so we are getting the experience that we asked for, but we don’t know it because we’re not conscious.
One of my favorite teachings in A Course in Miracles says that it is the unwatched mind that makes up the whole of the unconscious.  I find this to be a wow statement.  Our lives seem to be driven by unconscious forces, but when we watch our thoughts we see that it’s not unconsciousness, all the evidence as to why we do what we do is right there, rolling through the mind, and once we see it, we can then make another choice.

We ask God, we create, through the desire we give our energy to.

                      HS:  “Be vigilant and rejoice!  The time of freedom is at hand!”

This audio was recorded on 9-4-11 and is part 2 of the “Be Watchful with Me” Series.
This first 20  minutes of this audio is about this blog. 


* This message can be found at: http://www.reginadawnakers.com in the monthly archive section dated, January 17, 2007.  When I use the symbol “HS” I am quoting directly from the message. 

On both my audio and “course note” blog I have an entry on “Be Watchful with Me” where you can find the audios, and information to Regina’s audios as well.
** I spoke and wrote a blog on NTI James in a post called “What do I want Now?”,  dated 12/9/10, that can be found on my Course Notes blog, #84: http://www.sherylvalentine.blogspot.com

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Course Note #124: Is Attack Possible?

In this post I share from 2 messages on attack.  Part two (see below), is very helpful as it reveals how to truly see the world differently. 

Recently, while reading posts on the internet, I perceived that someone else consistently feels attacked, and thus attacks others with that misperception.   The next day, with those thoughts in mind, I was prompted to read a message called, “Is attack possible?”*

            Question: Is attack possible?

          Answer: “No, attack is not possible, because all thought is shared. Each one receives as he has asked to receive through his thought. Therefore, no one is ever attacked, and only his request is answered.
“I ask you to let go of attack thoughts, not because they are attack, but because they block true perception from your sight. As you believe in attack, you cannot see love, because you believe love is attack.
“Love cannot stop, but love can be misperceived if you believe in attack. In order to see love’s reflection through true perception, you must be willing to let go of all perception of attack. Remember this:

“When you believe you are attacking or have attacked, you are completely wrong. Give this misperception to Me, that you may see differently.

“When you believe you are attacked, you are one hundred percent wrong. Give this misperception to Me, that you may see differently.
“When you believe you see one attacking another, you are believing in attack yourself. Give this misperception to Me, that you may see differently.”

I don’t have to wonder why my Inner Teacher led me to this message on that particular day.  Simply to remind me that if I see one attacking another, I still believe in attack, but this perception can be changed.  It was one of those, “Oh my God, It’s me!” moments.  So often we don’t want to acknowledge that what we see comes from our perception because it’s painful to the ego.
The inner teacher does not have a spiritual ego and so, I never feel that this presence is admonishing me to be any other way than I am.  Holy Spirit comes into my perception to lead me out of my misperceptions of myself.

HS: “I teach that you have a choice about what you will do and how you will feel.  This is true because you get to request through Spirit the experiences that shall be given you.  You make this request through choosing which thoughts to believe or accept.
“If you accept that you are attacking, being attacked or seeing attack, you will have the experience of attack, because you have requested it through your perception.  What you ask for is given you, always.”

Wow!  When we truly begin to accept that we have requested certain experiences, and that what we ask for is always given, then we can move into living in appreciation and celebration for this classroom that allows us to see what we have requested to see. 

HS: “If you see the temptation or the opportunity to perceive attack, but you choose to let that opportunity pass you by by refusing to accept the perception, you request the miracle.  The miracle is a truer way of perceiving, which is seeing that there is not attack, because there is only love.”

In the Course we are taught that everything is love or a call for love.  When we perceive attack, with ego in charge, we tend to attack or defend in turn. With enlightened vision, we see the call for love, our call for love, and thus we respond with love instead of attack.  And yet, we can also embrace that we see attack because this can serve as a reminder that there is another way to see. 

HS:  “Watch your mind for your perceptions.  Ask yourself, ‘What do I truly want to experience right now?’  As you answer this question, you make a conscious decision about how to see.

~Thank You~

Part two: Questions about: Is attack possible?

            In lieu of the previous message on attack, someone wrote to Regina asking questions about the idea.  Some of the questions are shared here:  
                        * I find this difficult to comprehend when I see extreme expressions of attack in the world.
                        *  There were brutal and incomprehensible acts against people in Iraq, which is now in civil war… Regardless, there is no way that the way in which those people were killed could ever be “right.”
                        *  This is only a sub-set of atrocities that are happening…  The people that suffered and suffer from these heinous acts experienced and experience them as real, as do most of us.  What is an “illusion?”
                        *  How can we ask if attack is possible?  It’s happening right before our very eyes.  I can’t look away and tell myself that it’s an illusion when people are inflicting pain on others, and others are experiencing it as real.
                        *  How can I look at these atrocities with love and acceptance and with “non-judgment”?  How can it be anything but wrong?  Even if I can at least count to 100 long enough to know that I am judging, or try to forgive them because ‘they know not what they do’…they still did it and are still doing it.  There is “no judgment”, that’s what happened and is still happening. 
*  So I need to ask you: Does the world look that much different when we are awake, or do we just not see these things anymore?
              HS answers:  The world is a brutal, vicious place as you experience it. I don’t ask you to deny that. I ask you to look at the world’s viciousness and then ask yourself, “Does this make me happy?”  If it does not, and if you are willing to see differently, I can lead you to another way of seeing, because there is another way of seeing everything that you see now.
“You may ask, “How can I see brutal killing as anything other than cruel?” The answer is that you must be willing to see that you are wrong about what you think you look upon. You are completely and one hundred percent wrong about what you see. If you can give Me even a hair of willingness to see that this is true, I can lead you so that you will see it. But, I cannot lead you without your willingness. If you insist that the way you see is the only way to see, I cannot provide the miracle of showing you that you are wrong.”
                In the face of another’s crisis or despair, we are not being asked to tell them that it is not real and that attack is impossible.  Remember, we are always asked to accept the correction, the healing, for ourselves.  I have not mastered this as I do still see attack in the world.  I do still see that some news stories affect me more than other news stories.  Yet, I have also experienced that in my willingness to see differently in certain situations, I do see differently.
               Over the years, people have told me that they don’t believe in God because of certain atrocities that go on or have gone on in the world.  Recently, while having such a discussion with a friend, I told her that I don’t totally understand the nature of this world we live in, or why certain things happen or have happened, but what I do know is that there is way more going on in this universe than I realize.
            This is what Holy Spirit is asking us to see here, in essence saying: You don’t know the whole story.  You don’t see the big picture.  You must be willing to acknowledge that you don’t know, and then you can be guided see truly.

            HS:  “Within your experience, My leading you to see differently may seem to take time.  How much time is up to you.  The more willingness you give to see that you are wrong, the faster you will begin to see.
            “I must tell you that there is nothing wrong with how you see now.  You need to know this, because the feeling of guilt leads you to cling to how you see.  You are perfectly innocent in this moment.  I ask you to trust Me on this fact.”

            Spiritual ego has probably already told you about now that you are a bad student because of the way you see.  I love how Holy Spirit is so consistent in these messages, in NTI, in ACIM… telling us that we are not bad or guilty.  When we hold onto the idea that we are, we are united with ego, the false self.

I must tell you that there is nothing wrong with how you see now. 
You need to know this.

            HS:  “You ask if the world looks different when you are awake or if the awakened one simply doesn’t see atrocities any more. As long as you walk in the world, the body’s eyes will show you what the body’s eyes see, but you will have a completely different understanding about what you see. This will enable you to be most helpful, because you will not be confused, and you will know what to do in any given situation.”

            When we are willing to walk in the world asking Holy Spirit to reinterpret our perceptions, then we do become more helpful to one another because we are led by truth instead of by the stories in our mind.

            HS:  “For now, I ask you to continue to take the little steps you are taking now, for these little steps are much, much bigger than your realize. Continue to notice that you are judging and be completely willing to see that you are wrong. Follow your inner intuition on the path of spiritual seeking. I will lead you on the path that is best for you. Give Me your trust and your patience, and give trust and patience to yourself and your world. In this way, you will be led to discover the answers that you seek, and your gratitude will be unending.”

            As students of these teachings, we must cease expecting other people to tell us how to see, or to prove to us that these teachings “work”.  We must become increasingly willing to go within and ask how to see differently; and how to see through the remembrance of our innocence.  

            All too often, we look at the world through the eyes of fear.  Fear tells us that we are unlovable and bad, and through this lens we see a world of attack and defense.  Let us be willing to notice how we argue for our limitations, and how we argue for the false to be true.  Let us notice how we let the world tell us how to think, and how to be and how to feel.  Let us be willing to let Spirit Within show us that there is truly another way, a better way, to see.
            It is so liberating to finally embrace these ideas, because through seeing what we are truly doing to ourselves, we have a choice to keep doing it, or to stop.  I am becoming increasingly willing to stop.  Care to join me?

I can escape from the world I see by giving up attack thoughts.
Herein lies my salvation, and nowhere else.
Without attack thoughts I could not see a world of attack.
As forgiveness allows love to return to my awareness,
I will see a world of peace and safety and joy.
And it is this that I choose to see,
in place of what I look on now.
                                                       (ACIM, WBL 55)

The audio was recorded on 10/16/11 and contains
much more than what I’ve been able to share here.


    MP3 File

* These messages on: “Is attack possible” can be found in their entirety at: http://www.reginadawnakers.com   in the monthly archives dated, November 24 & 25, 2006

Friday, October 14, 2011

Course Note #123: Spiritual Chiropractic: Align with the Divine

I had an experience the other day that caused a shift within.  I have been practicing mantra and surrender for several months now, albeit, not with the consistency that I would like.  I don’t how it is for you, but I find that in the morning I can be attuned to the practice, but as the day wears on I get caught up in the stories of the day and sometimes forget all about it.      
Last week a friend and I talked and ranted about all kinds of things going on in the world.  Afterward, as I went over to my desk, there was a magazine open to an article about a football player.  This is not something I would normally be interested in reading, but I as I read the article, one sentence in particular stood out for me, something to the effect of: he rants about everything. 
            Well I gotta tell you – it was as if my inner teacher highlighted that sentence with a divine highlighter!  Immediately I realized that I had just been ranting about everything!  Right then and there I felt this deep shift within.  I felt the increased willingness to fill my mind with mantra and surrender instead of listening to all the silly ego rants in my head.  Since that day, amazingly, I find the practice of mantra and surrender to be easier than ever before, and while there are times throughout the day that I forget, for the most part I see that my practice has gone to the next level.

            The idea with chiropractic is that with specific adjustments to the spine, the practitioner can align the body to the innate intelligence that governs it.  This past week I realized that mantra and surrender are like specific adjustments that can be used to bring the mind back into alignment with the truth of who we are.  With the mantra I can cut through the thoughts in my mind and recognize that they are meaningless, and then I can return to stillness.  In this way, I find that I can remain fully engaged with life without getting caught up in listening to the fictional stories in the movie theater of my mind.
             In my work as a chiropractor I use many different adjustments on the body, and so it is that there are many different practices one can use to come into alignment with the Divine.  Mantra and surrender are just the practices that I am most guided to do at this time.  Although it is now apparent to me that A Course in Miracles, while not using the same words, definitely gives us similar practices in that the workbook essentially contains 365 mantras, and as it teaches us to listen to another Voice, it is teaching surrender.

            The other day I was on the elliptical machine in the gym with a notebook filled with “Holy Spirit Guides” messages.  I had planned to read a particular one, but was instead strongly guided to the message “You are a student of feeling now”*.   For a moment I had returned to listening to a story in my mind, and as I looked down to the page I read: “Let go of the past and move forward by listening to Me now”
My eyes stayed on that sentence for quite awhile as I remembered that all the stories in the mind are about the past.

Let   go   of   the   past.
Move   forward 
 by   listening  to   Me   now.

            HS: What you want to focus on learning is the difference in the feeling of little self guidance, which comes from fear, and My guidance, which does not.  …Whenever fear arises, it is because you are listening to the voice of little self.  There is no fear when you listen only to Me.  You may have heard My words clearly, but the little self commentary is what added the feeling of fear.  Therefore, you must learn that you cannot trust the feeling of fear.  When you trust “no fear”, you trust Me.  I am not fear.”

            When I feel fear, unworthiness, guilt, lack, etc., instead of judging myself for it, I can recognize these feelings can serve to remind me that I am out of alignment with my true Self.  I can use my mantra as an adjustment to bring me back. 
            Ahh…I see that my mind is filled with thoughts of lack and limitation.  I accept that this is what I feel right now, but I am willing to rest my mind.  I am willing to trust that I am being healed, even now.  I   am   that   I   am.  I   am   as   God.  

I rest in the stillness.  I then can practice surrender as I ask, What am I to do now?

HS: “You are a student of feeling now, not thought.  You are learning to tune in at a vibrational level, not think yourself into understanding.  Learn to feel and to make adjustments based on the feeling.  Keep the mind focused on now.  You cannot attune when the mind is going over the past or dreaming about the future.  See your mantra as your most useful tool now.  Use it always.”

We hear so many teachings about living in the present and living in the now.  It’s time to grasp on a deep level that when we listen to the stories in the mind, we are absent from now – living in the past or the future.  We can become spiritual chiropractors as we learn to use the practice of mantra and surrender as adjustments that can align the mind with truth instead of fiction. 
In this way we can cease being guided by guilt, fear, unworthiness and limitation.  So many of the choices we have made were guided by these false beliefs, but now we are learning that we can make another choice.  We can learn to pay attention to our feelings, and then make adjustments.  I recognize within me an increased desire to stop listening to the fictional stories in my mind, and stay with now – where I am that I am exists.

Bless you.
I am with you now.
 I am with you always,
but I want your mind focused
on now.
 Find Me now. 
Always find Me in the moment
called now.
Keep looking only there.
 Stay there. 
Stay now.
The Audio was recorded on 10/9/11
It contains much more than I was able to share here. 


    MP3 File

            * I shared two messages in this teaching from the “Holy Spirit Guides” series.   One is “Your first mantra” dated 4/12/08, and the other, “You are a student of feeling now” dated 4/13/08.  Both can be found at http://www.reginadawnakers.com   under “monthly archives”.