Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Course Note #117: Deepening Mantra Practice

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   Well as usual, my inner work involves deepening the practice of mind-watching and the use of mantra and surrender.  I gave a powerful sharing/teachings this week on deepening the mantra practice.  I will not write on it at this time because there was simply too much to share, so I will include the audio here.

Recorded on 8/28/11, 55 min.
More on Mantra & Surrender
In this audio I share how my practice with the mantra has deepened.  Teddy Poppe also speaks in this one giving us more understanding on the use of the mantra.  While teaching this session, through doing the mantra, I experienced a deep and profound stillness, unlike ever before experienced. Enjoy!


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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Course Note #116: How Do I Practice Surrender?

            Lately I have been inspired to the book, The Teachings of Inner Ramana, and I have been focused on its teachings on practicing the mantra and surrender.  This morning I was feeling confused about just what surrender is, and how I am to practice it.  As usual, throughout the morning and during my teaching time today, Spirit Within guided me to the answers.
First, we are taught that the purpose of surrender is to be guided by a Voice that is not confused about reality, and to consistently check with the Voice and ask the question, “What am I to do now?”*
            This question also includes:
            *  How am I to see this?
            *  How shall I listen?
            *  How shall I be now?
            *  What am I to hear?
            *  What would you have me know?
            *  What shall I think?
            *  How shall I respond?
            *  What would you have me see in me that I am not seeing?

            It’s not that we must memorize these questions and use the right one at the appropriate time, the question, “What am I to do now?” fully includes all of the above.  
A question prompted by my practice of A Course in Miracles that I often ask, especially when treating patients in my office is, “How can I be truly helpful?”  I realized today that by asking such a question I am also practicing surrender.  At least to me, this question seems to be as helpful as any of the aforementioned questions.

            In the last few days I have almost forgotten about the practice of mantra and surrender, and I now realize that I have been resistant.  I turned to a chapter in the book entitled, “Clarity on Practice” and it begins with this:
Question for the Inner Teacher:  Teacher, I would like it if you would speak to me more about resistance to the practice of mantra and surrender.”


This is a very helpful chapter and in the audio I go through it, but for the sake of brevity, here I will share highlights.
When it comes to the practice of the mantra and surrender, I had been wondering just what it was I was supposed to do all day.  I wondered, “Do I just chant the mantra all day, in between asking all day, “What am I to do now?”   
Here is my answer:

“’What am I to do now?’  Ask this question 1000 times per day, and you are beginning to learn the true practice of surrender.”

Ah…the answer is, yes!

It goes on to say:
“The purpose of the mantra is to still the mind.  It is like turning a radio dial from the egoic radio station to the station that I am.   …The purpose of the mantra is to change stations… to tune in to me.  And repeated use of the mantra will help you to stay tuned in to me.  But once our frequency of communication has been established, you link to me… become one with me…by asking me to guide your every thought and action.”

If I am caught up in the world right now, but I bring awareness to feelings of anger, fear or judgment, I can then decide to practice my mantra: God is Love.  I am as God.  Then I have changed the station from the ego’s voice of fear and confusion to the “I am” station – Holy Spirit’s voice of clarity and peace. Then I am in the space to practice surrender: “What am I to do now?”  In this way, I tune into the power within me and let It guide my thoughts and actions.

We use the mantra simply to change the station.  Once the station is changed, we are available to be guided through the practice of surrender.  This is great stuff isn’t it?

An example on how to practice:
You see that your mind is caught up in judgment about something going on in your life or in the world, or maybe you’re caught up in fear about money, your health or relationships…  So first, bring awareness to the fact that you are mesmerized by at least one particular circus act.  Practice the mantra: I am that I am.  I am as God or another that appeals to youThrough the practice of the mantra you leave the circus to return to the stillness of the meadow.  You have changed stations.  Practice surrender, “What am I to do now?”

~A prayer of awakening~ *

Let me not today
become entangled in the world I see,
in its problems
or in its pleasures.

Let me remain instead
inwardly focused
with my eye and my ear
on my Teacher,
 my Guide.

Let me be led
without a thought for the world,
but only a thought
for listening and following.

This is true surrender
and this is my desire,
my goal
and my purpose now.

All of my thinking
does not matter.
It is only a way
of keeping the ego alive.

I do not deny the temptation to think,
but I surrender my thinking in gratitude,
and I ask,
“How am I to see this?”
“What am I to do?”

Take my hand and lead me.


This morning I was confused about surrender and how to practice it.  I am not confused now.   

~Thank You~

The audio was recorded on 8/2/11
and contains much more on the practice of surrender than I was able
to share here.  Enjoy!


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* This is an excerpt from The Teachings of Inner Ramana , “The Purpose of Surrender”.
* This is a combo of 2 “single quiet prayers, 332 & 336.  They can be found at: http://www.reginadawnakers.com