Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Course Note #99: Audios on: Healing unworthiness

Hi Friends,
I posted 2 new audios today.

1) This was recorded to an internet audience on Easter Sunday 4/24/11 on: How to Stop Crucifying Yourself.
This includes powerful teachings from NTI and ACIM on:
* The spiritual practice to do when confronted with ongoing situations
* How to stop putting whipped cream on crap ;)
* Dealing with lack and Limitation
* And so much more...
This one can be found on audio blog (see link below) under audios on: Misc. NTI , as well as under: Life is a Classroom

2) This was recorded today, 4/26/11 to an internet audience on: How Do I Let go of Unworthiness?
Includes powerful teachings from NTI on this topic.

This one can be found on the audio blog under audios on: Misc. NTI, as well as under: Letting go of Guilt & Unworthiness

Both audios can be enjoyed at no charge for download or to listen to through your computer at: