Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Course Note #98: I am in Need of Nothing but the Truth

I woke up this morning feeling somewhat stagnant.  For fun I looked the word up in the dictionary and it means, “not flowing”.  Yes, in my feelings of stagnation I had stepped out of the flow of letting all things be exactly as they are.

            I was able to see this while writing in my journal this morning – instead of letting things be as they are I was writing about frustrations and limitations that I have imposed on myself.  Let go and Let God came to mind. 
What does it mean to “let go”?  And just what am I supposed to let go of?  As I meditated on this question, these thoughts came:

To let go is to recognize that the past is over.  It can touch me not.
To let go is to place the future into the hands of God.
To let go is to step back and let Love lead the way.
To let go is to recognize that I am in need of nothing but the Truth.
To let go is to let all things be exactly as they are.
To let go is to give no thought to worldly concerns.
To let go is to give no thought to my needs, wants or desires.

            Seems like a lot of stuff to let go of but really, it’s very simple.  It all boils down to letting go of thoughts about me, myself and I.  Thoughts about myself are mired in material conditions and appearances.  All thoughts about myself keep me stuck in lack, limitation and fear.  While mired in such thoughts, I cannot hear the Voice of my true Self, which speaks only of my Worth.

            How do we practice letting go of worldly concerns, or our desires to do, be or achieve?  How do we practice listening to the voice of Truth?  It does come down to watching our thoughts. 
A clue that I am thinking about myself is feelings of fear, lack and limitation, or feelings of inadequacy or unworthiness.  Once I am aware of the thoughts that facilitate these feelings, I don’t need to struggle with them or resist them – I can choose to let them go and rest in the thought that I am in need of nothing but the truth. 
The practice of letting go is done daily, hourly and even moment-by-moment.  I feel the call to vigilantly practice letting go of personal desires, wants and needs.  I feel the call to let go of false beliefs that have been creating my life experiences.  These false desires and beliefs are the sickness in my mind.  The antidote to this mental sickness is:

I am in need of nothing but the truth.

As we watch our thoughts and recognize that they stem from false beliefs, and then recognize that these beliefs stem from false desires, we begin to see how we continually create life experiences that we do not want – but that we do want.
            See that’s the paradox, we may think that we don’t want the experiences in form that we have, ah…but we do.  And when we don’t, we will be vigilant to watch our thoughts so that we can learn to create anew.
            Ask yourself this question: Do I want to continue to create the same experiences of lack, limitation, unworthiness and fear that I have created for decades, or do I want to begin to create from truth?
            “Bow your head and check your heart’s desire.  Do you wish to be deceived?  Do you wish to see what you have wished to see, or do you wish to see the truth?  When you no longer wish to see that which is not there, you shall see That Which Is.”  (NTI Luke 24: 13-35)

Willingness is everything. 
Holy Spirit,
I am willing to know myself as God created me.
I am willing to know myself as unlimited and free.
I am willing to let go of my belief in lack,
limitation and unworthiness.
I am willing to let go,
 and let God do a mighty work in and through me.

In today’s “Oh My God, I’m Free!” session
Much more was shared on the audio, which is 54 min.

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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Course Note #97: Be the Love

 Hi there,
Back in November, my friend Lisa Trevino was staying with me while working on a project.  Her favorite profile pic is of her license plate: Guided. 
            My husband asked me if I had seen her license plate, and then suggested that I get one that reflected what I was feeling on a spiritual level.  I had been wanting to get a new one for my new car, as the one I have had for over 20 years, Dr4baxs, is now on the car my husband is driving.  I thought about some formulation of “be the love” but many had been taken, and then my husband came up with: BTHELOV

            This idea is so meaningful to me because as I focus on my true purpose it is indeed to:
Be the love.  

One of my favorite passages in The Holy Spirit’s Interpretation of the New Testament (NTI) is this from Philippians, Chapter 4:

“Therefore, stand firm within your true desire and you stand firm within the
feelings of the Heart. 
Do not be distracted.

Be the Love that you are, and the Love that you are shall be known by you.

Stand firm within the purpose of your Heart,
and your purpose shall be multiplied within you.”

            We have forgotten who we are.  For far too long we have listened to the voice of falsity, and we’ve believed what it says to us.  We have let it create our experiences – we’ve let it rule our mind. 
In the passage above it says, “stand firm” three times.  Yes, vigilance is required to break the hypnotic spell that we’ve been under.

Recently I was in the gym reading spiritual material as I exercised on the elliptical machine, and I was intently focused on my purpose for about thirty minutes.  And then suddenly, the voice of toxic Chatty Cathy intervened to chatter to me about my numerous flaws. 
There’s a line in A Course in Miracles that tells us that ego will react viciously when we respond with love.  I’m sure you’ve probably experienced having moments of great clarity and peace only to find yourself hours later yelling at someone in a parking lot, even if you were only yelling in your mind.  But I digress…

I quickly realized that I had been focused on Love and ego just cannot stand that.  I was fully aware as I listened to the voice malign me that it was merely a distraction to my focus on my true desire to be only Love.  So this was my spiritual practice that morning (amazing how much spiritual practice I get done at the gym!):
First, I realized that Chatty Cathy was just trying to distract me, and for a few moments anyway, it worked. 
Next, I thought about how the thoughts stemmed from long held unconscious beliefs in lack, limitation and unworthiness, and this brought forth recognition that these beliefs stemmed from a desire that I no longer want.
I affirmed that I now want my true desire, that of knowing myself as God created me, unlimited and free to lead my life and create my experiences.  I focused on this with great willingness as I gave the thoughts of falsity to the Holy Spirit for the purpose of healing my mind.
I used to believe those thoughts of lack, limitation and unworthiness.  I did experience a moment of pain as I thought about believing them.  Truly our pain and suffering comes from listening to the voice that lies to us.
Later I realized that I had listened to the ego thoughts, I heard them, but now, I no longer believe them. 
We cannot help the thoughts that come into our mind, but we can choose whether or not to believe them.  We are asked to look at the thoughts, but not dwell in them.  We cannot let go of that which we are unaware of.
It’s also important to avoid the pitfall of judging yourself.  When we feel bad about the thoughts and tell ourselves that we’re failures at the spiritual life, we simply are, once again, listening to the toxic voice.  Thus, instead of releasing the thoughts, we push them down further with denial and projection.
Looking at them, recognizing that they stem from something you no longer want, and letting them go is the easiest and most effective way to healing.
This can be done with the practice I set forth here, or another practice that I have used for many years is, I recall a prayer from the Course and in my willingness to pray it, I acknowledge that I am doing it to myself, but I desire to choose again. 

So, all that said, what I love about my new license plate is that every time I walk out to my car, I will have a daily reminder of my true desire:

The audio was recorded on 2/6/11 and is about 49 min. long.
It goes into much more that I discuss here, in fact, 
it contains some wonderful teaching from
NTI 1 Corinthians on dealing with the tales we spin in our minds
about other people and what they may or may not think of us.  
Good Stuff~

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